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Many companies are turning to remote monitoring to achieve their goals of becoming safer, more efficient, and more sustainable in how they work and operate. Starting with SCADA, and now with the advent of the Internet of Things, these systems

The importance of data has changed over the years. Initially, data was just the “exhaust” from an organization’s On-Line Transactional Process (OLTP) systems. However as the volume, variety and velocity of the data grew over the past few years, the

As global competitive pressures have driven changes and higher expectations for manufacturing organizations, enterprise technology in manufacturing must respond at an accelerated pace today. Largely the result of fundamental changes enabled by transformative technologies, new and novel opportunities for industrial

For the last fourteen years, LNS Research and its predecessors pub­lished bi-annual research in partnership with MESA Manufacturing on the use of data in manufacturing. Until 2018, the research was ti­tled, “Metrics That Matter.” Starting with 2018 we see an

Why is it so hard for enterprise organizations to act like the startup companies they increasingly come up against? It’s a very good question. In every industry, across every vertical we see new businesses emerge from seemingly nowhere, impacting the

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) space is hot right now, as manufacturing represents perhaps the largest greenfield opportunity left for digitization. Yet, IoT platform implementations have historically had a high rate of failure within this vertical. What’s contributing to these

Machine Learning Requires a Systematic Approach to Systems, Architecture, and data. Developing Machine Learning analytics yields immediate and long-term benefits. 1. Make Machine Learning Part of a Modernization Strategy  After decades in research labs, machine learning is now getting enormous attention for real-world applications

Machine learning enables organizations to harvest a higher volume of insights from both structured and unstructured data than they could otherwise accomplish with traditional business intelligence solutions. 1. A New Dimension in Predictive Analytics In today’s economy, all business is becoming data

We’ve all heard the industry chatter around IoT and how it can enable businesses to unlock and deliver commercial success. By extracting real-time data from connected endpoints, IoT helps businesses to make more informed and intelligent decisions that can directly