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Dave Purdy, OT Cybersecurity Specialist at TXOne, was recently interviewed by ARC’s Vice President, Cybersecurity Services Sid Snitkin at the 2023 ARC Forum, held in Orlando, Florida. We encourage you to view this valuable discussion, as they touched upon the

Following on from the first part of this article entitled, ‘Readying Industrial IoT Networks for Today’s Security Challenges’, which reviews the standardized way to approach security, this article goes through ways to protect against new and emerging threats. Protecting our valuables The

Cyber attacks can often seem like the opening scene of a science fiction movie. The mouse pointer starts gliding across a screen with purpose. A technician, looking up to review data on their monitor, sits motionless, frozen through the shock

In today's digital age, critical infrastructure industries rely heavily on operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) to run their operations. However, these systems are often isolated through air-gapped networks, making OT personnel dependent on removable media devices to

Network segmentation offers many benefits for businesses. Segmentation improves security by preventing attacks from spreading across a network and infiltrating unprotected devices. In the event of an attack, segmentation ensures that malware cannot spread into other business systems. Network segmentation

A good portion of existing operational technology (OT) networks were originally built during the air gap days, where isolation from other enterprise systems made for sufficient security. As digital transformation initiatives drive IT and OT networks towards convergence, the result

Connected Building Management Systems (BMS) definitely make a difference in terms of increasing operational performance, reducing energy and maintenance costs, and improving building health and safety. None of this could happen if it weren’t for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like

A new report on Operational Technology (OT) equipment flaws from automated cybersecurity software company Forescout outlines the alarming state of OT security. The report titled OT:ICEFALL was crafted by researchers at the company’s Vedere lab. It breaks down 56 vulnerabilities

As recent cyberattacks have demonstrated increased risk to both IT and operational technology (OT) environments, resilience readiness today has evolved. It is more than a cybersecurity strategy and involves the enforcement of rules and policies that provide the visibility, control,