Content Guidelines

Guidelines For Thought Leadership Content on

  • Articles or videos accompanied by text, written/recorded by Senior level contributors (Sr. Manager, VP, C Level)

  • No reference to your product, service, or company

  • No links inserted to your own company/product/brand in the article. Links to other informative materials are welcomed.

  • Topics aligned with our key topics IIoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, digital twins, predictive analytics, digital disruption, autonomous cars, ICS cybersecurity, machine learning, etc

  • Industries: Manufacturing, Energy, Smart Infrastructure, Cities, Buildings

  • Include name, title, bio, picture of the author

  • Social Channels of the author or company to be tagged (LinkedIn, Twitter – if any)

  • If you have graphics that you own for the body of the articles, please specify; otherwise, we will use stock images for feature images (paid by IIoT World via a license)

  • Please upload articles of a minimum of 400 & maximum of 850 words

  • Contributors asked to add a link on their site to the article (“In the News”  or other section)  and include the published article in an email/newsletter