Connected Industry


The use of augmented reality (AR) in industrial applications is growing by leaps and bounds


Nothing’s better than summer, and celebrate we shall - The 4th of July! For this month,


MQTT was designed for the Internet of Things (although it wasn’t called that at the

Smart Manufacturing


During IIoT World Manufacturing Day (May 12, 2022), we received a lot of questions, and we did not have time to respond to them all


The past two years will get plenty of blame for supply chain disruption, but disruption — from human and technology error to weather and other


Over the past 70 years, we have witnessed a massive increase in consumer and B2B customer demand. According to Statista’s recent analyst report, the smart


There are several advantages of using an industrial data platform. They include: 1. Consolidated Data: In a data platform, data is consolidated in one place in

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Global climate targets might seem almost impossibly ambitious – but with the right technologies, community engagement and strong partnerships, we


Oil and gas companies are working hard to update their strategies and shift capital in the context of the energy


Grain power station, on the Isle of Grain in Kent, is the newest Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) in Uniper’s

Smart Cities, Buildings & Infrastructure


One of my mentors had a saying, “Remember, everything works in a beaker, Gregory.”  The first time he told me


Americans rely on all manners of connections to live, from doing business across the country to building social support systems


Businesses and governments have realized the tremendous potential of smart cities as organizations proceed to explore the various applications of

Cybersecurity & ICS


Since the introduction of Modbus in the late 1970s, network protocols for critical infrastructure and


Nothing’s better than summer, and celebrate we shall - The 4th of July! For this month,


Ransomware attacks against operational technology (OT) are increasing, spurred on by the convergence of IT and OT

“If your ‘Net decisions’ aren’t disrupting the norm, breaking rules and surprising people, waste no more time and expend no more energy. Start being disruptive and accelerate your success” (P. Prestino)

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