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Many technologies positively impact today's manufacturing industry: advanced analytics, automation, the Industrial Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud platforms, etc. In this session, Ravi Subramanyan, Director of Industry Solutions Manufacturing at HiveMQ, Michael Bowers, Chief Architect at FairCom, Adrian

Precision CNC machining is no different from any other discipline in that it relies heavily on product quality. During the CNC machining process, you will utilize a wide range of measurement devices and inspection instruments to ensure that the final

After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg popularized the concept of a metaverse during a company rebrand last year, much of the discussion about this immersive world centered on the consumer’s use of virtual and augmented reality headsets with digital representations of

Over the last several years of deploying AI into manufacturing, we have realized that the time value of our manufacturing engineers is quite high. Any time they spend transferring their knowledge to AI teams is frowned upon by them and

A new report on Operational Technology (OT) equipment flaws from automated cybersecurity software company Forescout outlines the alarming state of OT security. The report titled OT:ICEFALL was crafted by researchers at the company’s Vedere lab. It breaks down 56 vulnerabilities

The past two years have demonstrated that the familiar formula of minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency in global supply chains is often no longer enough. Now, redundancy and resilience should be added to the equation to address increasing supply chain

Businesses today are tasked with a lot more than just increasing profitability. Consumers are gradually becoming more aware of the consequences of unsustainable practices, and they're demanding that companies change their ways. Today, sustainable manufacturing practices are no longer just

There are a few core measurements that every manufacturer uses to manage their operation. Measurements like efficiency, productivity, capacity, labor, and equipment utilization are almost universally measured to benchmark performance and assess the effectiveness of processes. Quality is an equally critical

As manufacturers embrace digital technology and control, consumers are doing the same. Whether that consumer is the product user or the wholesaler, digital technology and IoT have changed the expectations they put onto the manufacturer. Customers expect products to be simple