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In the throes of 2024, manufacturers are at a crucial juncture, facing a landscape brimming with both unparalleled challenges and transformative opportunities. Our comprehensive ebook, "2024's Big Challenges: What Every Manufacturer Must Overcome," offers an incisive look into the top

In the industrial sector, the well-being of control room operators has historically taken a backseat, with many overlooking the impact of workspace conditions on operational efficiency and safety. ABB's recent launch of its Operator Wellbeing Service (OWS) marks a significant

Schneider Electric, in a groundbreaking collaboration with Intel and Red Hat, has announced during the ARC Forum 2024 the launch of a Distributed Control Node (DCN) software framework, a significant step forward in open automation infrastructure. This innovative framework is

Manufacturing processes consume a lot of energy, with chemicals, paper and pulp, metal, and food manufacturing being the most energy-intensive industries. Yet, more and more manufacturers are putting energy use optimization on their agendas for cost-saving and sustainability purposes. Moreover,

The manufacturing industry is facing a growing challenge: to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining productivity and profitability. Saving resources is not only a moral imperative but also a crucial factor for business success. We understand this, and our comprehensive product

The current state of manufacturing data integration serves as a primary barrier to enabling true digital transformation. According to Deloitte research, manufacturers list poor integrations (60%), disjointed data systems (46%), and data collection that is not standardized (46%) as their

In the industrial landscape, one of the most pressing challenges faced by organisations is the unpredictability of equipment failures. Such unplanned downtimes not only result in significant financial losses but also disrupt the entire production chain, leading to missed deadlines,

Muda is the Japanese word for "wastefulness" and was initially popularized by Toyota as the main concept behind lean manufacturing. Muda refers to any activity that consumes resources without adding any value to the end product, including waste, overproduction, defects,

Almost everything in our homes has become a smart device, from refrigerators and thermostats to lights and televisions, with a U.S. household having 22 connected devices on average. But despite the rapid proliferation of devices, there are still security concerns. Nearly