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In March 2021, the Enterprise Strategy Group completed a research survey of 150 senior information technology (IT), cybersecurity, and operational technology (OT) professionals directly knowledgeable about their organization’s OT security practices. Organizations represented were from verticals in the retail supply


Ransomware is a serious cybersecurity challenge that is growing at uncontrollable rates. Every 11 seconds, a new organization falls victim to a ransomware attack. And by the end of this year, the cost of ransomware to businesses is expected to


As the interconnection between IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) continues to grow, cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is becoming more important. Trend Micro shares their findings on both old and new threats that hound industrial endpoints in

Pat Boland is a founder and joint Managing Director of ANCA, a world leading manufacturer of CNC tool grinders. Mr. Boland has made an invaluable contribution to the Australian manufacturing sector for over 40 years, leading a business that exports

John Livingston is the CEO of Verve. He leads Verve's mission to protect the world’s infrastructure. He brings 20+ years of experience from McKinsey & Co. advising large companies in strategy and operations. John's committed to helping clients find the

Andy has been in the online content world for over 10 years as a freelance copywriter, technical writer and translator, covering different topics - finance, energy and also sustainability. What is he doing when not writing? Andy learned how to