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The energy sector still grapples with challenges of legacy infrastructure and vendor lock-in, even in the era of Utility 4.0. To address these challenges, the industry needs to integrate outdated existing systems with disruptive digital technologies. This also involves increased


Improve availability and traceability A well known juice and beverage manufacturer wanted to incorporate Industry 4.0 initiatives to improve CIP performance and profits. • Tons of juices had to be scrapped due to residual chemicals found in test batches. • Troubleshooting quality issues


‘Tis the holiday season! ‘Tis the events season! December may be the last month of the year, but it’s definitely not the last when it comes to exciting local and global events. Below is the list – and timeline – of


Business resilience has been top priority for enterprises as they aim to revive and grow their businesses in a post-pandemic era. Digitization of their existing supply chain is the first step in achieving this goal, and Internet of Things (loT)


You’ve automated your operations. You’ve identified key data points. All the pieces and parts are in place to give you the insight you need into your building’s performance. Then along comes Industry 4.0, the Industrial Metaverse. Is this a fad or a


A reflection on the complex standardization process from a fresh perspective Open standards bring many benefits to the industrial community, mainly reducing friction in multiple areas and increasing the overall safety. Moreover, standards are expected to bring broader efficiency and lower


Multitasking makes work easier with podcasting. It is convenient, easy to get started, and highly engaging. Check out our lists of Top Manufacturing & IIoT Podcasts of 2022 and listen on to discover more of the podcasts’ benefits for your


Understanding the basics is the first step to success Before participating in outdoor activities or going on a vacation, it is a wise decision for a person to prepare for the weather. Of course, in order to adequately prepare, one must