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Could you please explain briefly what blue hydrogen is? Wietfeld: People worldwide view hydrogen as key energy carrier for decarbonizing the economy. Why? Because the only by-product of hydrogen combustion is water. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t enough naturally occurring hydrogen; so it


Tool breakage has always been a challenge for machining operations. These breaks can occur during regular machining cycles due to tool wear that eventually results in failure. They may also occur due to improper settings, human error, equipment malfunction, or


Recap of Cybersecurity and Cyber Attacks in 2021 Dare I say that the past year has been…drumroll…unprecedented…in the realm of cybersecurity and cyber attacks?  Here are some statistics to showcase what the industry has endured over the past 12 months: With the trends


Jeff Winter is an Industry Executive for Manufacturing with Microsoft where he acts as an industry advisor helping manufacturers across the US digitally transform at scale. With over 15 years of experience working for different industrial automation product and solution


In 2015, the Paris Agreement set the objective of reducing human-caused global warming ideally below 35.6ºF (2ºC increase), with a further ambition of staying below 34.7ºF (1.5ºC increase). To meet this goal, countries and corporations would have to employ "negative


New year, new beginning, new events! There is nothing more exciting than learning something new. And as we start the new chapter of the year, we welcome you with Top January 2022 Industrial IoT & ICS Cybersecurity Events that is happening


AI application at the edge is growing rapidly with 80% of enterprise IoT projects projected to incorporate AI by 2022. According to GSMA Intelligence, it’s also estimated that the AI in the Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow at


Medium-sized companies are being increasingly challenged to figure out how their product portfolios or operations can become smarter with the help of the IoT technology. A growing number of connected devices produce trillions of gigabytes of data per day (at