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Since the introduction of Modbus in the late 1970s, network protocols for critical infrastructure and industrial automation have continually evolved. It’s only been in the past few years, though, that we’ve seen things go from slow evolution to seismic shift. As


The use of augmented reality (AR) in industrial applications is growing by leaps and bounds and has become tantamount in Industry 4.0 concepts. In fact, 28 percent of those surveyed in a recent PwC study reported that they have implemented,


Nothing’s better than summer, and celebrate we shall - The 4th of July! For this month, we’ve curated the list – and timeline – of events happening in July 2022 around the globe, in-person or online, and what’s in it for


In the face of advancing climate change and growing global challenges, companies need to fast-track their digital transformation. To succeed in this highly complex task, small and large businesses alike need to rethink competition and partnerships. Most business leaders agree that


Sustainability is among the top concerns of industry leaders nowadays, who already work vigorously to implement sweeping measures to decarbonize their operations and boost energy efficiency. However, because up to 90% of a product’s emissions occur directly in the company’s supply


Digital transformation may still be high on the priority list for midsize companies, but their perspectives and expectations have certainly evolved. Instead of simply improving customer experiences, strengthening brand recognition, and boosting sales, they are going even deeper in their


The internet of things (IoT) has arrived, and so have a host of security challenges along with it. Despite the fact that complex manufacturing supply chains mean attackers have many avenues to compromise a device, security is often bolted on as


Industrial companies in fields such as manufacturing, transportation, and infrastructure undertake digital transformations for various reasons: To build the digital sophistication needed to survive and thrive in a connected technological world. To simplify unwieldy systems or overlapping, repetitive processes. To