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Generative AI is transforming the manufacturing industry by offering innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, improve product design, and optimize processes. Let's explore three specific ways generative AI can be applied to jobs in manufacturing, providing concrete examples for each. 1. Enhancing


Birth of AI. Winter The terms "artificial intelligence" and "machine learning" began shaping the technological landscape in the mid-20th century, with the official birth of AI at the Dartmouth Conference in 1956. John McCarthy and his colleagues coined "artificial intelligence" there.


In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead by optimizing processes and embracing new technologies. For a successful IIoT transformation, it's essential to bridge the gap between IT (business data) and OT (factory equipment data). This


Transformation can be slow, particularly for industries seeking to integrate IIoT into their operations. This integration often occurs at a more constrained pace, requiring careful planning and implementation of transformative plans to ensure its success. Addressing the need for change


July 2024 promises to be a landmark month for Industrial IoT and ICS cybersecurity events, showcasing groundbreaking developments and strategic insights essential for securing industrial infrastructures in today's digital age. From the NOG Energy Week in Abuja to the Gartner


For years, network connectivity for industrial environments ranked lower among business imperatives. Providing baseline coverage was considered the norm, and companies felt comfortable deploying their tried-and-true Wi-Fi networks to provide connectivity in factories, warehouses, food processing plants, and other facilities. In


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Siemens Digital Industries, explains Brenda Discher, SVP of Business Strategy and Marketing, Digital Industries Software, Siemens, is enhancing its offerings by embedding AI and ML


At the Realize Live 2024 event in Las Vegas, IIoT World's Greg Orlof sat down with Raymond  Kok, the newly appointed CEO of Mendix Corporation, to discuss the company's role in facilitating digital transformation in manufacturing. With Mendix at the


MAJiK Systems creates software that helps manufacturing and industrial engineering companies improve their factory operations using data-driven manufacturing methods. The company designs a full suite of Visual Factory tools that use data from the machines themselves to power AI-driven insights. The