For IIoT technology vendors

we provide a regular, guaranteed stream of relevant new business and partnership leads, through expert-led online events.

Large Enterprises
SME IIoT Vendors
IIoT Startups
  • One-stop shop outsourcing of IIoT-specific demand and global awareness generation operations.
  • A guaranteed stream of highly relevant leads from a highly relevant and engaged IIoT audience.
  • Regular reporting on the measurable impact of demand generation activities.
  • Regular opportunities to raise the thought leadership profile of specific executives – especially in industry influencer lists.
  • Rapid, cost-effective access to hundreds of top analysts, speakers and moderators for your thought leadership events.
  • Regular opportunities to engage live with hundreds of highly relevant prospects.
  • A reliable, open source of expertise that helps IIoT vendors build trust with thousands of highly relevant and engaged prospects.
  • One-stop shop outsourcing of IIoT-specific demand and awareness generation operations.
  • Opportunities to position and enhance the profile of your business as an IIoT thought leader.
  • Proactive introductions to key executives for potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Measurably higher market awareness through high-volume digital impressions and global reach.
  • A stream of relevant leads from a highly relevant and engaged IIoT audience.
  • Opportunities to develop partnerships that can lead to greater exposure, and many more speaking and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Regular, IIoT-specific education, inspiration and networking opportunities.
  • Significantly increased visibility to IIoT-interested partners, customers and investors.
  • Access to the world’s largest global IIoT-specific online platform to pitch your solution to your ideal audiences.
  • Opportunities to position your business as a thought leader from the outset, giving you a headstart against your competitors.
  • More high value conversations through proactive matchmaking with potential customers, investors and partners.
  • Rapid access to leading IIoT market influencers, including analysts and investors.
  • Exclusive invitations to participate in high-profile in-person panel discussions.