For the global IIoT community

we provide cost-effective access to essential industry insights through the world’s biggest and best expert-led IIOT event series.

For technical experts, company executives and prosumers we offer:
  • Regular, unique, industry-specific Insights into the latest technical trends and developments in IIOT.
  • Opportunities to share expertise and insights with fellow experts.
  • Opportunity to ask live questions to high profile IIoT industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Potential opportunities to connect personally with leading IIoT market makers, experts, and influencers, including analysts and investors.
  • Access to the world’s leading IIoT expert ecosystem.

For Industry Influencers (analysts, journalists, consultants), we offer:
  • Significantly increased visibility to IIoT-interested partners, customers and investors.
  • Access to the world’s largest global IIoT-specific online platform to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Opportunities to position yourself as an IIoT industry thoughtleader.
  • Connections and introductions to potential customers, partners, colleagues and other influencers.
  • Opportunities for further personal brand promotion through speaking and moderating opportunities.