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Director, Product Solutions Marketing, Lumada Software

Value added and thoughtful leader focused on helping IT managers to understand the world of operations technology and OT managers to understand the new capabilities that IT brings to the world of IoT. It is my belief that by helping the two teams to work together, we can accomplish great things and transform the industry. Drive strategy and execution, manage and nurture talent, deliver growth, form strategic partnerships, and successfully implement and oversee complex projects. Well versed in Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Mobile, SCADA, Historians, Automation & Control, MES, APM, Optimization, AR and Simulation Systems serving Food and Beverage, OEMs, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Power, Water and Wastewater, Smart Cities and other Manufacturing and Industrial organizations.


Data centers consume a lot of energy; some say it can be as much as 1.8% of total U.S. electricity consumption. It’s why power consumption, cooling costs, and space requirements are at the heart of the sustainable data center. Technological advancements


Thank you for your active participation in Analytics at the Edge Virtual Conference. As promised, here are the answers to the questions we did not get to during the LIVE event we hosted on November 16, 2022. Q1. Why do you


Most industrial IoT difficulties are rooted in data management shortcomings. However, these challenges are not the same as those faced in a purely IT setting. For example, operational technology (OT) data is high-velocity time series and event information that many