Critical Upgrade for Industry 4.0: Analytics That Matter

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Critical Upgrade for Industry 4.0: Analytics That Matter

For the last fourteen years, LNS Research and its predecessors pub­lished bi-annual research in partnership with MESA Manufacturing on the use of data in manufacturing. Until 2018, the research was ti­tled, “Metrics That Matter.” Starting with 2018 we see an important shift in fo­cus, examining “analytics that matter.” This evolutionary step in the study marks an important milestone to align with how companies conduct their Digital Transformation journey. As companies begin that Industry 4.0 journey, we talk a lot about Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms and applications that run on them. However, the heart of a digital enterprise is data and using it to improve enterprise-wide per­formance. One of the major tools we have to achieve this is analytics. This e-book introduces:

  • The results of the 2018 Analytics that Matter survey and the unexpected (and interesting) responses; and
  • A data and analytics architecture that fits within the Oper­ational Architecture prescribed by LNS Research and that helps manufacturers achieve Digital Transformation goals.

Over the last couple of years, analytics applications have appeared from every imaginable source, from large control, IT and cloud vendors to “one man and my algorithm” start-ups. In the industri­al world, much of this has been focused on specific applications such as asset performance management (APM) and other mainte­nance-related processes. For most of operations, the starting point of data use today is simple metrics with nice displays to show the “up to the moment” state of affairs. In reality, very little “live data” moves from operational systems into outside plant data stores. However, that’s about to change and it’s what will drive deep value — prescrip­tive control from live analytics. This is the opportunity that drives the shift in focus from metrics to industrial analytics.

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This e-book is presented by Mesa International and LNS Research and it’s sponsored by Hitachi Vantara. More resources sponsored by Hitachi Vantara on our website you can find here

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