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Working at the edge In industrial operations, time is money. The more efficient processes and machinery are, the better it is for business. Providing proactive monitoring and maintenance of industrial machines, however, is not an easy task. This is especially true

Industry and manufacturing seem to always be in a state of transition. From manual production to machines, then on to production lines and automation, industry is continuously evolving. 2011 saw the advent of Industry 4.0, which focused on driving efficiencies,

Last week, at the Innovation Summit in Paris, I had the pleasure to interview Sophie Borgne, Water Segment President, Schneider Electric, and Georg Weber, Executive Board Member & CTO, Wilo Group. The conversation is focused on sustainability, marking a pivotal shift in

With the eagerly anticipated Hannover Messe Fair 2024 on the horizon, IIoT World has embarked on an exciting initiative to capture the pulse of innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space at the fair. We reached out to

At the Innovation Summit in Paris, Kim Custeau,  EVP Portfolio, Aveva, talks about "Connect," a dynamic initiative at the forefront of integrating over 109 products from Aveva alongside Schneider Electric's software components. This pivotal platform, Connect, acts as the foundational

In a recent interview at the Innovation Summit in Paris, I had the pleasure of speaking with Barbara Frei, EVP of Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric, about their latest program, Materialize. This program aims to transform the critical minerals industry by

In this interview during the Innovation Summit 2024, Jay Abdallah, Vice President of Cybersecurity Solutions & Services at Schneider Electric, talks about the double-edged sword that technological advancement represents. While it undoubtedly propels efficiency and efficacy in operations, it concurrently

Node-RED stands at the forefront of the digital transformation, embodying a significant leap in bridging complex programming and intuitive, accessible interfaces. Born from the innovative endeavors of Nick O'Leary at IBM, this open-source, low-code environment has rapidly evolved from a

Predictive maintenance, a strategy revolutionizing industrial operations, hinges on the power of data to foresee machinery malfunctions before they occur. Imagine a scenario where your washing machine company calls to preemptively fix a pump on the brink of failure, saving