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With road accidents consistently ranking as one of the leading causes of injury and death across the globe, automotive safety remains a burning issue. These incidents not only result in personal tragedies but also place a heavy burden on healthcare

In a recent interview, Lucian Fogoros sat down with Gregg Le Blanc, the Senior Vice President of Aveva's Cloud Portfolio, to discuss how Aveva's industrial cloud platform is changing the landscape for industrial clients and the opportunities it presents. Aveva's vision

In a recent interview with Jim Chappell, the Vice President and Global Head of AI at Aveva, he shared valuable insights into the world of industrial AI and its growing impact on sectors such as manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure. Jim

In a recent interview, Greg Pada, VP of Business Strategy Engineering at Aveva, shed light on the transformative potential of Data-Centric Engineering in bridging the gap between engineering insights and operational excellence. This approach replaces the traditional method of manual

Automation. Optimization. Efficiency. These are key concepts in industrial settings. As organizations incorporate more and more Industry 4.0 technology and practices into their operations, the ability to effectively realize these concepts boils down to data. Industrial equipment generates a lot

New Report Reveals 97% of Organizations Face Challenges Securing IoT and Connected Devices In today’s interconnected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a groundbreaking phenomenon. It promises to revolutionize industries, enhance efficiencies, and transform the daily experiences of

Welcome to November 2023, where the world of technology and innovation is buzzing with excitement. This month, several remarkable events are set to capture the attention of professionals, enthusiasts, and visionaries alike. From cutting-edge logistics technology to the future of

The escalating reliance on technology and connectivity in industrial critical infrastructure has brought about efficiency and convenience. However, this efficiency and convenience exposes critical infrastructure to numerous cyberthreats and approaches, making robust cyber defense measures more important than ever. In the

The Unified Namespace (UNS) architecture pattern has proven to be an effective means to opening industrial data access up to the entire business, but the road to implementation is not without a few speed bumps. First, as industrial companies start to