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September is here. It's not the new year, but it's a new season. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn! For this month, we’ve curated the list – and timeline – of IIoT and ICS

The cybersecurity world is currently grappling with a significant labor shortage. And that’s a problem with deep impacts. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security has cited the cybersecurity labor shortage as a major national security threat. The Washington Post notes

As attacks against OT systems increase, so does the need for secure SD-WAN. Learn what it takes to gain visibility, control and awareness. Experts are predicting that there will be an increasing number of attacks against critical infrastructure and operational technology

Since the introduction of Modbus in the late 1970s, network protocols for critical infrastructure and industrial automation have continually evolved. It’s only been in the past few years, though, that we’ve seen things go from slow evolution to seismic shift. As

Nothing’s better than summer, and celebrate we shall - The 4th of July! For this month, we’ve curated the list – and timeline – of events happening in July 2022 around the globe, in-person or online, and what’s in it for

Ransomware attacks against operational technology (OT) are increasing, spurred on by the convergence of IT and OT networks and the accessibility of attack kits available on the dark web. Over the last two years, the range of targets that represent operational technology

The best way to defend against potential ransomware attacks is to deploy multiple layers of overlapping protective and defense measures and leverage an endpoint risk security program. The endpoint approach uses OT-specific endpoint visibility and inventory techniques to gather asset information

5G, along with its role in industries, is a popular topic. An important part of this conversation is the campus network, which serves as one of the key implementations of 4G/LTE and 5G technologies in an industrial setting. In particular,

It’s June, and we are halfway through 2022, but most of these events are just beginning to have in-person conferences and expos. For this month, we’ve curated the list – and timeline – of events happening in June 2022 around the