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When anyone mentions cybersecurity, you may automatically think they are referring to IT systems. That is because protecting IT networks – and their associated personal, financial, and other proprietary data – has been the responsibility of IT professionals for an

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is all about connecting machines, systems, and sensors to provide operational efficiency and other benefits to industrial applications, similar to the benefits achieved in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices

Humans are addicted to stories. But sometimes the stories we tell are overly simplistic. In cybersecurity, a recurring narrative is one of C-suite executives perpetually at odds with IT leaders. They’re disinterested in what the security team does, and release

The risk of security incidents is rapidly increasing in the electric industry, which plays a crucial role in critical infrastructure. This is due to the increasing vulnerability of the system caused by the modernization of the electricity generation, transmission, and

Fortinet recently surveyed 455 business leaders and cybersecurity professionals worldwide to gauge their state of readiness to defend against the growing challenge of ransomware. Most are very or extremely concerned about the threat of a ransomware attack, with many seeing

With Russian military operations currently underway in Ukraine, the question of whether cyber warfare will also be employed remains unanswered. While we have seen cases of destructive cyber actions focused on Ukraine, at this point attribution is not possible. As a

What the “Old Ways” Are Lacking Open source software, in its three decades of existence, has experienced rapid growth and adoption within the software development landscape—and for good reason. It differentiates itself from proprietary software in the fact that developers can

Spring has sprung! Or, has it? March brings us Spring, but we, at IIoT World, are bringing you monthly not-to-miss world-shifting events! Below is the list – and timeline – of major events focused on Industrial IoT and ICS Cybersecurity, happening

With the rise of cloud computing, remote working, and other digital transformation initiatives, cyberattacks have constantly been on the rise. According to PurplseSec research, cybercrime saw a 600% surge during the pandemic, with ransomware being the most common form of