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Cloud adoption has risen rapidly over the past 10 years, with 92% of enterprise business strategies now relying on the cloud, according to an IDG survey. The manufacturing industry, in particular, is almost as high at 87%. However, most cloud

Today the Cloud represents the fruition model that makes Information Technology increasingly ready to respond to rapid changes in the context. Organizations are increasingly “data-driven”, and Data Analytics, a set of quantitative and qualitative approaches to obtain “valuable insights” from data,

It starts to become clearer and clearer the connection between artificial intelligence and sustainability. AI is on its way to help the world become more sustainable and that is no different for the manufacturing industry. Necessarily, the road implies addressing

It’s time to plan around unplanned downtime. From mine sites in Siberia to sugarcane plantations in central Uganda, worksites rely on heavy machines to be the workhorses that drive productivity. For the most part, the machines work well. But there’s a lot

The Internet of things has been highly beneficial in the manufacturing industry. IoT enables manufacturers to scale up equipment capable of noticing and servicing, allowing the industries to estimate correctly how the equipment is being used. But which are the

Manufacturing will be the sector that more than others will benefit from 5G, which will allow not only a reduction in production costs, reducing downtime, waste of resources and maintenance needs, but also new solutions that were previously technically and

IT and OT systems developed on different tracks because they did different things. Where IT was based on data that could be used at the factory floor level and was often utilized, OT was designed to use the power of

OEE + Packaging Manufacturers + Challenges Every production manager is familiar with OEE (an abbreviation for the manufacturing metric Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and has tried to implement it in their factory. For a production manager, OEE is almost as important as

Ever since I started my engineering career in the mid-90’s, one of the least appreciated pain points I’ve experienced is the problem with files. As a product moves through the lifecycle, product information passes from engineering to downstream teams, including