Generative AI: Bridging the Knowledge Gap for Manufacturing Personnel

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Generative AI: Bridging the Knowledge Gap for Manufacturing Personnel

Generative AI can make AI insights more accessible to shop floor operators, allowing them to make better decisions without having to understand complex data or algorithms. For example, generative AI could help operators understand what the next best action is to optimize a process.

It is important to have a strong digital foundation in place before implementing AI solutions like generative AI. This includes:

  • Understanding what problems need to be solved.
  • Having a strong data foundation, including high-quality data and a way to connect data across the entire manufacturing process.
  • Having core foundational systems in place, such as ERP and MES systems.

Generative AI can also help to make AI models more explainable, which could lead to greater trust and adoption of AI in manufacturing.

Generative AI can help address the challenge of an aging workforce and the difficulty of attracting new talent by capturing and disseminating the knowledge of experienced workers. This can help new employees get up to speed more quickly and can provide a way for operators to access expert knowledge on demand. For example, a generative AI model could be trained on the knowledge of a company’s best technician, allowing other employees to ask the model questions and receive expert guidance.

Companies often face challenges with implementing AI and machine learning solutions in manufacturing due to a lack of understanding of how to get started and how to scale projects effectively. It’s important to begin with a clear vision and a practical plan for moving from the initial implementation to a scalable solution. Choosing a use case with clear and impactful potential ROI can help to build buy-in within the organization and demonstrate the value of AI and machine learning. Breaking down the problem into smaller, more manageable steps can also make it easier to get started and demonstrate progress.

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