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According to Gartner, 85% of Machine Learning (ML) projects fail. Worse yet, the research company predicts that this trend will continue through 2022. Does this point to some weakness in ML itself? No, it points to weaknesses in the way

Sensor data plays a vital role in ensuring operational safety and efficiency in industrial operations. Sensors are deployed widely in industrial settings to measure parameters such as temperature, pressure,  flow, vibration and others. The data that flows from these sensors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) wizardry are often portrayed by the media, however there are some critical road blocks and a way to manage them in the power generation sector. Is AI good or bad? Road block 1: Low

Manufacturers today face a highly competitive environment with rising costs of materials and resources. The nominal price of steel, for example, has increased by 167% since the turn of the century while energy costs have climbed more than 2.5 times their prices in

Traffic isn’t just bad. It’s actually getting worse. Do you think the traffic is bad where you live? Try moving to Boston, where commuters suffer the worst highway congestion in the nation. Residents of the New England city spent an average

Most predictive analytics suffer from a fatal flaw: they are confined to historical views. Analysts try everything from machine learning (ML) to traditional forecasting to flashy BI dashboards and visualizations in attempts to estimate details about the future of complex

There is a ton of noise about AI for industry today. A quick search on Google for “Artificial Intelligence” returned 82M results and almost 4M news stories. Bloomberg reported in June that mentions of AI in earnings transcripts has risen

Machine Learning (ML) isn’t so mystical after all. Machine Learning is a new term that re-packages well-established statistical techniques that have been around for decades. Machine Learning reacts to new information by learning. The “learning” happens by observing the past—sometimes the

We are living in the era of 4th Industrial revolution – the evolution which is based on extreme automation of machine to machine communication, not only just the communication but way beyond. Machines can understand each other, negotiate with each