AI vs. AI: The Future of Cybersecurity

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Future of cybersecurity

AI vs. AI: The Future of Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, isn’t actually a new concept. In fact, it’s been around since the 1950s. The problem back then was that computers lacked the ability to store commands, so they could be told what to do but couldn’t remember what they did. We’ve certainly come a long way since then!

The Good and Bad Side of AI and Machine Learning (ML)

What are some of the benefits of AI and ML? Is AI good or bad? One of the best use cases we’ve seen is with how AI and ML can handle the large volume of data that is being produced. ML and AI can help humans manage that data and process things like security data. The data in security moves so quickly when you consider the constant attacks and shifts in the threat landscape. It just makes sense to apply AI/ML here. More about the relationship between Cybersecurity and Productivity.

The insurance industry is a great example of where AI/ML can help with things like false claims. Using machine learning, the insurance industry can help adjusters identify a fake claim using various data points. It becomes a useful tool for the adjustor because now they don’t have to waste time on fake claims and can focus on what’s important.

On the other hand, bad actors can use AI/ML for sinister purposes just like organizations can use it for good. Daniel shared a great example of banking botnets, Emotet and TrickBot, using AI to steal email data. The data that they collected could then be used to create more sophisticated phishing attacks. Security is a game of cat and mouse. The good guys were using AI and ML so then the bad actors started too as well. It has now come to the point where it comes down to whomever has created the better model will win.

Listen to the episode to hear what else we covered including:

  • Other ways that AI/ML can help in the fight against cybercrime
  • What Chris thinks about AI in Hollywood and how it might affect real life scenarios
  • How AI/ML is impacting the IT skills gap/shortage
  • How AI/ML can help organizations patch better

Find out this and more in the full episode here.


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