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What Is a Security Operations Center (SOC)? A security operations center (SOC) is a critical component of a threat containment plan to protect your business. According to a recent study, having a SOC improves your organization’s ability to contain any threats

Defending critical infrastructure environments requires 360-degree visibility into asset and network vulnerabilities Vulnerability management teams often face difficulties in patching all of their systems on a timely basis. This is true for traditional OT devices such as HMIs, PLCs, etc. But

A man in the middle attack occurs when a third party intercepts a digital conversation without any knowledge of that interception from the legitimate participants. This conversation can occur between two human users, a human user and a computer system

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, isn’t actually a new concept. In fact, it’s been around since the 1950s. The problem back then was that computers lacked the ability to store commands, so they could be told what to do but couldn’t

5G is projected to have an impact on the future, though its effects are already being felt today. A part of this conversation is the 4G/5G campus network, which is being rolled out in smart factories, remote power stations, harbors,

As Industrial IoT has evolved over the past decade or two, the vision for secure data communications and the integration of enterprise and control systems has evolved at the same time.  When the Purdue Model of Computer Integrated Manufacturing was

This latest ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline is another call to action for all organizations to increase their cybersecurity efforts, harden their networks against attacks, and improve visibility to malicious actors in your network. Ransomware attacks have gone through many iterations

The recent signing of the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity has spurred much discussion among the industry.  IIoT World asked for input from leading cybersecurity experts and organizations regarding the EO, and we’re sharing the discussion with our

Ensuring the quality, reliability and safety of software requires navigating a complex supply chain made up of engineers, operations managers, contractors, and independent software vendors (ISVs), along with open source software (OSS) providers. Oftentimes, device manufacturers that have outsourced development