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Before joining Alleantia in mid-2011, Antonio spent 20+ years in telecommunication networks, services and management platforms industry around the world, from coding of communication stacks in Italy and in the U.S. at Bell Labs in Ohio, to architecting and delivering wide scale telco transformation plans in France, Italy, Greece and Turkey, to delivering innovative collaboration solutions to large Enterprises. Looking to the ‘next big thing’, Internet of Things, since 2006, Antonio jumped in the Alleantia IIoT opportunity, joining founder Stefano Linari in the company launch and growth since 2011.


Efficiency, safety, remote control: augmented reality systems guide industrial operators in preventive maintenance activities. The advantages of augmented and virtual reality in industry are considerable. In new construction projects, augmented reality makes it possible to intervene in the early stages and


iPaaiPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) is a technology platform on the cloud that integrates the different applications and data produced by a company. It is an extremely important technology as it allows to overcome some situations that occur in the


The third party cloud provider manages all back-end resources, such as desktop storage, compute, and networking, including the virtual cloud machines that run the desktop operating systems. The desktop as a service provider streams the virtual desktops to end-user devices, allowing


After having presented, in previous episodes, the cloud computing service IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) today we move to SaaS, Software as a Service, remembering that the positioning that each type of service occupies


Cloud computing is the distribution of computing services, such as servers, storage resources, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence, over the Internet ("the cloud") to provide rapid innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. You pay only for the cloud


The new challenge is to have a deeper knowledge of how and why artificial intelligence generates its results, restoring the necessary centrality of decision-making processes to man. With the recent developments, in recent years, in the development of systems with artificial


Deep Learning, which is based on the use of neural networks, can be applied to very different types of information, which call for the use of particular networks better suited to achieving specific objectives. What are Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)? The Artificial


Virtualization, which in recent years has taken increasingly important steps, has become the model of integration and management of systems with the most promising evolution. Virtualization also means rationalizing the use of a network, of a data storage resource, of


Today the Cloud represents the fruition model that makes Information Technology increasingly ready to respond to rapid changes in the context. Organizations are increasingly “data-driven”, and Data Analytics, a set of quantitative and qualitative approaches to obtain “valuable insights” from data,