A priority investment: cyber security

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cyber security

A priority investment: cyber security

The accelerating transition to digital transformation, with much data and information being processed on the cloud, has opened up exciting new business opportunities, but it has also increased the risk that manufacturing companies may suffer in terms of security.

Cyber security is, and will increasingly be, a complex issue that requires, and will require, advanced, articulated, flexible solutions and ongoing investment in technology and staff training. An issue that at corporate level involves all departments and functions.

An issue that no company can ignore any longer

The growing amount of data collected, stored and flowing over the network between different infrastructures and systems, both internal and external, makes it essential to ensure maximum security at all levels. Those who deal with these issues must be able to identify vulnerabilities, anticipate possible threats, and the risks associated with all the information assets in a company or manufacturing facility. Whether it is a small company or a large multinational, a company that produces material goods or provides services, the watchword is cyber security at 360 degrees. An approach that concerns both investments in technologies but also an adequate training of the staff, especially of the resources that can access the most confidential information, profit and loss accounts, industrial plans and, above all, production.

The future?

Never let your guard down and zero trust: this is the trend that is emerging among risk management experts. From this point of view, the evolution of cyber security will be more and more integrated in the various applications to improve protection solutions.

The future will be services and features adapted to the needs of the new industrial world, thanks to which machine manufacturers will ensure the continuous innovation and competitiveness of their products and their after-sales services in key 4.0, transferring to the end-users the advantages of the profitability of their use throughout the life cycle of the investment.

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