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Energy transition and sustainability are now being woven into the core business strategies of industrial companies, who now have the mandate and opportunity to tackle environmental and social challenges. Companies that are more advanced in their digital journeys are already

Dave Purdy, OT Cybersecurity Specialist at TXOne, was recently interviewed by ARC’s Vice President, Cybersecurity Services Sid Snitkin at the 2023 ARC Forum, held in Orlando, Florida. We encourage you to view this valuable discussion, as they touched upon the

Following on from the first part of this article entitled, ‘Readying Industrial IoT Networks for Today’s Security Challenges’, which reviews the standardized way to approach security, this article goes through ways to protect against new and emerging threats. Protecting our valuables The

Cyber attacks can often seem like the opening scene of a science fiction movie. The mouse pointer starts gliding across a screen with purpose. A technician, looking up to review data on their monitor, sits motionless, frozen through the shock

The OT environment is different from the IT environment in many ways, with proprietary and multi-vendor systems that require a specialized approach. The existing managed security services are generally inadequate as they are focused on IT rather than OT, and

Industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity is a growing concern as hackers target critical infrastructures. Eric Byers, CTO of aDolus, shared his thoughts on industrial cybersecurity challenges in this interview with Lucian Fogoros, Co-founder of IioT World. Byers emphasized that nation-state

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern, and with the increasing reliance on technology, it's becoming increasingly important to have professionals who are capable of protecting networks and systems from cyber attacks. However, there is a severe shortage of talented cybersecurity professionals,

The shortage of talent in technology and trades has led to an increase in outsourcing cybersecurity activities. When teams outsource security, they rely on external expertise and resources to maintain their security, but also give up control to a third-party.

In today's digital age, critical infrastructure industries rely heavily on operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) to run their operations. However, these systems are often isolated through air-gapped networks, making OT personnel dependent on removable media devices to