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For the last fourteen years, LNS Research and its predecessors pub­lished bi-annual research in partnership with MESA Manufacturing on the use of data in manufacturing. Until 2018, the research was ti­tled, “Metrics That Matter.” Starting with 2018 we see an

Machine learning enables organizations to harvest a higher volume of insights from both structured and unstructured data than they could otherwise accomplish with traditional business intelligence solutions. 1. A New Dimension in Predictive Analytics In today’s economy, all business is becoming data

We live in an era where smart things from being a luxury have now turned into a necessity for everyone. Products with smart access and wireless connectivity are more common than they were five years ago. According to a report,

New business opportunities for IIoT Today, manufacturers around the world are seeking new ways to meet market needs, improve products, optimize operations, increase revenues, and reduce costs and risk. Automation, digitalization, and the adoption of IIoT are important requirements for companies

The number of possible applications of IIoT grows every day, and this trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon. The latest numbers estimate that the combined IoT markets will reach a staggering $520B by 2021. An industry that is definitely being

Having the right pieces in place, setting reasonable expectations, and a dedication to project initiatives may be the best roadmap to a succesful IIoT implementation. Planning a Digital Transformation We often talk to companies who have predictive and preventative aspirations but who

An issue in manufacturing that is singular to machine builders is the speed with which they can respond with service to the machines, in the case of a failure. In the past, this has usually meant an actual failure has

A go-at-it-alone approach to capitalize on data analytics won’t work Of all the new capabilities that manufacturers can gain by adopting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, data analytics can be among the most powerful—and the most challenging. Manufacturers make things

Based on customer requests we have implemented support for running Crosser Edge Streaming Analytics on Azure IoT Edge. Now you can innovate much faster and without the cost, risk and developer dependencies that come with writing code. The Crosser Edge Streaming