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The Buzzword of 2021 is "AIoT", which stands for a blend of Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things. IoT is capable of capturing tremendous amounts of data from multiple sources. However, it is a significant yet highly complicated task


McKinsey’s Global Institute predicts that IoT will have an economic impact of around $11 trillion by the end of 2025. The growing demand for automation, centralized monitoring, and predictive maintenance are leading the IoT technology most prominently in the manufacturing


The Internet of Things (IoT) is introducing automation to boost the productivity of every industry. The technology plays an important role by connecting the fleet assets with suitable applications to make the operations safer, greener, and cost-effective especially in the


The transportation sector is one of the finest profit-making sectors in today's world. Mainly, the import and export businesses are dependent on the transportation industry for the safe movement of the goods. All the 4 modes of transportation are inclining


Smart meters are pieces of advanced infrastructures that create a two-way interaction with the information management system of utilities. Hence, these meters enable customers and water suppliers to share information with each other that empower both parties to take useful


The transportation sector is like the nervous system for any economy. It is the medium that connects industries and facilitates the movement of people, goods, and products from one location to another. In fact, around 95% of all the manufactured


A technological enabler that can digitize industrial operations is the immediate need for the oil and gas sector. Internet of Things is one such technology that acts as a solution for the majority of the problems that the oil and