The Tradeoffs Between a Build-Your-Own and Pre-Built IIoT Platform

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The Tradeoffs Between a Build-Your-Own and Pre-Built IIoT Platform

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is ushering in a new era of manufacturing—one that is centered around using data to create actionable insights that grow competitive advantage. As more advanced IIoT software and hardware continues to be developed, industrial leaders need to consider how best to position their organization to benefit from this innovation. Organizations can either build an IIoT platform or leverage a ready-made solution.

In this paper we will discuss the growing impact IIoT is having on the global manufacturing industry, including the advantages of adopting smart manufacturing and using digital twins across the complete lifecycle of product design, manufacturing and service. Subsequently, we investigate the challenges of building your own IIoT platform and explain how MindSphere on Azure IoT, Siemens’ cloud-based, open IoT platform on Microsoft Azure, directly addresses those challenges. We then provide industry examples to demonstrate the potential value an IIoT platform backed by Microsoft and Siemens offers industrial organizations.

Table of Contents: 

  • How IIoT is Reshaping Global Manufacturing
  • Determining Whether to Make or to Buy Your IIoT Platform
  • How You can Benefit from a Pre-Built Platform
  • Microsoft Azure and MindSphere: A Partnership Built on IT and OT Leadership
  • Automobile Manufacturer Optimizes Assembly Quality
  • Pump and Valve Manufacturer Enacts New Business Model
  • Choose a Future-Proof Platform Backed by Industrial and Cloud Expertise

This is an excerpt from the “Make vs. Buy – Understanding the Tradeoffs Between a Build-Your-Own and Pre-Built Industrial IoT Platform” white paper written by Microsoft and Siemens. This paper is part of a sponsored campaign by Siemens

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