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1. In one of your blogs published last year, you mentioned that "it's time for universal automation." What is holding us back? What is universal automation? It is basically the transposition of what happens in the IT industry or the smartphone

You’ve automated your operations. You’ve identified key data points. All the pieces and parts are in place to give you the insight you need into your building’s performance. Then along comes Industry 4.0, the Industrial Metaverse. Is this a fad or a

A reflection on the complex standardization process from a fresh perspective Open standards bring many benefits to the industrial community, mainly reducing friction in multiple areas and increasing the overall safety. Moreover, standards are expected to bring broader efficiency and lower

After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg popularized the concept of a metaverse during a company rebrand last year, much of the discussion about this immersive world centered on the consumer’s use of virtual and augmented reality headsets with digital representations of

This report examines the data from a survey of more than 600 companies conducted by 451 Research and commissioned by Hitachi Vantara on the application of Industry 4.0 approaches in manufacturing, transportation and energy, to explore the maturity of digital

By now, the positive impact of digitalization in manufacturing environments is widely recognized — reduced costs, improved operational efficiency and greater productivity. But digitalization is not fulfilled by making just a single change. It is a continuous cycle of updates

Siemens recently made a few major announcements, including the launch of the Xcelerator platform. Find out how this platform will help the process industry in an exclusive interview with Mr. Steffen Wagner, the CTO of Process Automation and Senior Vice

With SPE, for the first time, it is possible to speak the language of the cloud with every sensor, even the thinnest and miniaturized ones. The field level and all its participants become capable in real time, intelligent and therefore

Industrial revolutions spurred on the introduction of advanced technology like electricity in the second revolution and computers in the third. But the Fourth Industrial Revolution now relies more on what happens behind the scenes — big data. Edge analytics has