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When organizations are contemplating bringing a new IoT product to market, the questions typically asked are: “Do we build our own platform and then develop our IoT product? Or, do we develop our IoT product on a platform that already exists?” Considerations for Building

An investment in industrial IoT can power hyperautomation Industrial organizations have embraced automation to improve operational efficiency and reduce human error. By and large, however, industrial automation is siloed – it is applied to individual aspects of the business, but not

IoT Business Opportunities Verizon’s IoT initiatives highlight key applications of the technology as well as the business opportunity it presents OEMs. Customers were requesting Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) and Critical Asset Tracking (CAT) solutions. Verizon had similar business challenges that OEMs face

If you’re an industrial manufacturer or OEM wishing to adopt IIoT as part of your overall digital strategy, you’ll find that edge computing is often a required component. Even though edge computing is used pervasively throughout IIoT, its exact purpose and place

Flexibility, ingrained security and centralized management are the touchstone of successful network deployments in just about any setting, especially as devices and services proliferate whether it be over wired or wireless infrastructure. A lot has been coming together for 2021. The

Note: Part 1 of Digital Transformation Case Studies can be found here. Case Study #3: Tastitalia connects a different kind of industrial machine to the Internet of Things   Tastitalia, an Italian company that creates customized solutions for human-machine interfaces, managed to control

If you’re an OEM and pursuing the Internet of Things (IoT), one of your biggest opportunities is to offer an IoT service that extends the value of the equipment you sell. A remote monitoring service gives your customers instant visibility

The manufacturing industry has been adopting next-gen technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), advanced data analytics, predictive maintenance, automation, robotics, and more for improved productivity and enhanced safety on factory floors. Cutting-edge technologies can hold the key to optimizing uptime

OEMS have the power to create new revenue streams and extend new services to customers by using IoT to monitor their equipment. Insights can lead to better parts and products, and provide an advantage over competitive offerings. The Losant Enterprise IoT