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I have always been fascinated by innovation and startups power. I found about the Alpha startups program offered by Web Summit only in 2018. Some of these IoT startups have evolved quite a lot since then. This article lists a

From a deadly pandemic to the face-to-face Web Summit, November is expected to have its fair share of world-shifting events. Here is a list — and timeline — of the major events that happen in November around the globe & virtual

From a deadly pandemic to a World Expo, this month certainly experienced its fair share of world-shifting events. Here is a list — and timeline — of the major events that happens in October around the globe and what’s in it

Industrial cyber security leaders – including the C-suite, CISOs, security teams, and operational leaders – are increasingly realizing the potential financial, operational and safety impact of cyber events. Attempting to get their hands around securing this challenging part of their

The Industrial IoT is helping original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and machine builders gain full transparency of their machines and operations, on a local and global scale. With this capability, these organizations are beginning to implement digital business models that create

Due to the real potential to help companies gain a competitive advantage, the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) continues to generate a lot of interest. But all the hype has inevitably led to some misconceptions, which remain significant barriers to

Much has been talked about the trillion sensor Internet of Things dream, where machines, people and services will be connected wirelessly. There are already 21.5 Bn connected devices in the world [1] today, but most are powered through the mains.

5G is projected to have an impact on the future, though its effects are already being felt today. A part of this conversation is the 4G/5G campus network, which is being rolled out in smart factories, remote power stations, harbors,

When organizations are contemplating bringing a new IoT product to market, the questions typically asked are: “Do we build our own platform and then develop our IoT product? Or, do we develop our IoT product on a platform that already exists?” Considerations for Building