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As tire manufacturers strive to provide real-time information to vehicle control systems, the integration of data and the power requirements remain significant challenges. Companies like Goodyear Tire & Rubber and Bridgestone are working on equipping tires with sensors capable of collecting

In a recent interview, Greg Pada, VP of Business Strategy Engineering at Aveva, shed light on the transformative potential of Data-Centric Engineering in bridging the gap between engineering insights and operational excellence. This approach replaces the traditional method of manual

Automation. Optimization. Efficiency. These are key concepts in industrial settings. As organizations incorporate more and more Industry 4.0 technology and practices into their operations, the ability to effectively realize these concepts boils down to data. Industrial equipment generates a lot

The digital transformation is providing industrial organizations with an unprecedented amount of visibility and predictive insights into their operations. Every day, factories and other industrial environments are adopting new, smart technologies that are delivering vast amounts of data they can

Have you ever watched a press conference when a room full of reporters bark questions at the same time? Typically, the media event host will call on a particular reporter to repeat the question and then move on to the

Industrial intelligence as a service is a new approach that differs from traditional data analytics capabilities by bringing together different disciplines of engineering, operational data, process data, and production data to create new value realizations. This approach aims to break

Connected industry, the concept of connecting equipment and collecting data for analysis, has been a hot topic in recent years. However, the debate around connected industry often revolves around how much data should be collected and how it should be

Data lakes are becoming increasingly popular as companies accumulate vast amounts of data, both structured and unstructured. These are the questions and their corresponding answers after Hitachi Vantara’s session on Data Lakes during the All Things IIoT Day. What are some

When it comes to data collection, who are you really serving? That objective often gets lost amid the OT/IT alignment discussions. Anyone who has embarked on a digital transformation project is likely familiar with the data silos that exist between their