From Data to Decision: Driving Generative AI Success with Strategic Data Operations

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From Data to Decision: Driving Generative AI Success with Strategic Data Operations

At Hannover Messe 2024, Greg Orloff from IIoT World delves into the dynamic realm of industrial software with John Harrington, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of HighByte. Discover what makes HighByte stand out amidst the competition in industrial software, with a special focus on industrial data operations.

HighByte is carving out a unique space in the industry by focusing on data curation for digital transformation. This process isn’t just about gathering data; it’s about preparing it to solve specific business problems. HighByte excels in ingesting data from diverse industrial sources, standardizing and contextualizing it to make it useful for business applications beyond traditional operational technology (OT) environments.

John elucidates that the real challenge lies in managing the massive volumes of data generated across multiple factories and potentially across numerous global sites. This is where HighByte’s prowess in scaling its operations to handle data across an enterprise effectively becomes instrumental, with the ultimate goal of catalyzing genuine digital transformation for manufacturing companies.

When discussing the potential of generative AI, John paints a compelling picture, drawing an analogy to Jarvis from Iron Man. He envisions a future where AI could offer real-time, context-aware insights to augment decision-making. However, the efficacy of generative AI hinges on the quality of input data. This is where HighByte’s dedication to data operations becomes pivotal. By enhancing data quality through contextualization and preparation, they strive to make generative AI more accessible, cost-effective, and efficient.

HighByte’s recent successful Series A funding round sets the stage for further expansion and innovation. With increased investments in customer and partner success, HighByte is enhancing its collaboration with major industry players like AWS and Snowflake. This funding also allows for expanding their engineering team to prepare for the future demands of data integration and usage across various platforms.

John emphasizes the importance of creating a robust data fabric that can manage and move data efficiently across different applications and systems. This involves a strong focus on data governance, quality, and observability to ensure companies can scale their operations effectively.

The future looks promising for HighByte, and we’re eager to see how their innovations will continue to shape the industrial landscape.

The interview was recorded by Greg Orloff from IIoT World during Hannover Messe 2024. This summary was created based on the video transcript with the assistance of It was edited by the IIoT World team.

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