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The right 3D sensing system can help automated forklift trucks (AFT) achieve better than 98.5% pick accuracy and reduce mission time while simplifying even the toughest high-rack operations. In the spring of 2018, for the first time ever, the U.S.

The NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) recently published the minimum elements for a Software Bill of Materials (more commonly known as SBOM). Definition of an SBOM Although the NTIA has been conducting a transparent, multistakeholder process since 2018, the starter's pistol went

Joe Saunders, CEO of RunSafe Security, recently hosted a panel discussion on Monitoring Open Source Software in SAAS Infrastructure. His panel included business leaders in the software, technology, and security sectors: Jonathan B Fishbeck, Founder and CEO of EstateSpace, LLC, a Managed

The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing as leading companies invest in new technologies to modernize their manufacturing infrastructures, improve overall efficiencies, and develop more flexible manufacturing processes. The introduction of IIoT technologies, combined with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud

Operating waste-to-energy power plants have a lot of day-to-day challenges. Volatile combustion, unstable steam, staff issues, and CO-peaks are common problems. In addition, there are problems that are unique to a single power plant. Often, these problems persist even with

In an interview with Merritt Baer (AWS Office of the CISO), Aaron Ansari VP, Cloud Security at Trend Micro discusses how fundamental information security is to business functions in today’s world. Cybersecurity is Job Zero It’s everyone’s job to ensure they are

Manufacturing managers maximize the tools they have at their disposal by understanding their shop's capacity. Better use of space, materials, labor, and optimized equipment performance is critical for companies to drive efficient production and capture the highest profitability. A capacity

The global energy industry, encompassing oil & gas, solar energy, wind energy, etc. is going through tectonic shifts, confirms McKinsey. One of the major contributors to this shift is technological developments, such as digital transformation and digitalization initiatives, which revolutionize

44% of organizations lacked a clear strategy for dealing with supply-chain disruption, according to a survey published by the Institute for Supply Management in March 2020. Almost 75% of companies surveyed reported a disruption in their supply chains because of