Industrial IoT Startups to meet at Web Summit 2021

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Industrial iot Startups at Web Summit 2021

Industrial IoT Startups to meet at Web Summit 2021

I have always been fascinated by innovation and startups power. I found about the Alpha startups program offered by Web Summit only in 2018. Some of these IoT startups have evolved quite a lot since then. This article lists a few industrial IoT companies present at Web Summit 2021 and two startups that focus on IoT connectivity using satellites.

Industrial IoT-as-a-service for industrial asset tracking

Category: IIoT, industrial asset tracking


Hiber is an industrial IoT-as-a-service startup that makes it easy and cost-effective to monitor industrial assets located anywhere on earth. The startup offers monitoring solutions for remote oil or gas well integrity, maintaining fleets of heavy equipment in the middle of nowhere, or tracking livestock across 100’s of kilometers. Even monitoring agricultural silos to prevent decay is possible. It’s SaaS, made simple, streamlined, and easy to use.


Democratizing Industrial AI

Category: Industrial IoT, AI, no-code analytics


innoSEP’s vision is to democratize industrial AI and make AI technologies easily accessible to industrial experts. This AI-no-code analytics platform helps companies transform a programming-based AI workflow into a visual-supported workflow to realize large-scale production of AI apps efficient, accessible, and successful. It is cross-industrial and interdisciplinary applicable.


Change for the better in human-centered manufacturing companies through digital transformation

Category: AR, smart manufacturing  


KIT-AR’s primary purpose is to enable augmented workers in every manufacturing organization. According to the World Manufacturing Forum, costs of Poor Quality (CoPQ) in manufacturing plants can go up to 40%; KIT-AR can help reduce the CoPQ and digitize any shopfloor. Also, it can help manufacturers minimize time-to-competence using AR guidance. Some of the case studies published on the website refer to Royo, Comau, and Airbus projects.


Real-time data for Manufacturing Operations

Category: Industry 4.0, IIoT, AI, data analytics, smart manufacturing


PackIoT provides simple and easy IoT solution to boost shop floor efficiency, reduce costs and help decision making. The startup works with companies in 11 countries across 4 continents.


Advanced analytics and AI in the industrial sector

Category: Industry 4.0, IIoT, analytics, AI

Quick Algorithm

Quick Algorithm is a startup that aims to democratize advanced analytics and AI in the industrial sector. To make this technology available to any company, the startup has developed a SaaS platform that helps companies increase their productivity and reduce waste by collecting, sharing, and analyzing data about their physical assets and machinery.

Quick Algorithm is combining a super-intuitive mobile interface, which improves productivity while generating tons of data, and advanced analytics that exploits Artificial Intelligence to spot anomalies and trends in the data.


Real-time Textile Inspection. 100% traceability & close to 0% defect

Category: Smart Manufacturing, AI is an AI-based solution to help textile manufacturers reduce textile waste to 0% and improve traceability across the supply chain. Expected results are astonishing: up to 400% ROI; less than nine months of payback and net profit of 10 000 euros per machine per year.


Automating Defects Detection at Scale in Critical Industries 

Category: Smart Manufacturing, Machine Vision technology, AI, Industry 4.0

ThinkDeep AI

Deepflow leverages a combination of AI and Machine Vision technology to automate time-consuming and tiring visual inspection tasks in industries where quality is paramount.

Deepflow automates defect detection by instantly labeling anomalies on industrial X-ray images. The AI approach accelerates quality inspection while ensuring accuracy at a micrometer scale.


Predictive Maintenance for Transformers, Rotating Machines, and Power Electronics

Category: Industry 4.0, IIoT, predictive analytics


Founded in 2011, Enging is an innovative Portuguese company, specialized in advanced and disruptive industrial Predictive Maintenance and Fault Detection solutions for Transformers, Rotating Machines, and Power Electronics.

Exclusively using electric variables and with a non-invasive technique, Enging can pinpoint degradations in electric assets several months before it becomes a catastrophic fault.


IoT connectivity via satellites

Category: IoT connectivity, remote connectivity, satellites IoT connectivity

FOSSA Systems

FOSSA Systems provides IoT connectivity through satellites and sensors, reducing the cost of existing IoT solutions. Thanks to the picosatellites (weighing less than 1 kg), the startup can provide IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity in critical areas without coverage or mobile network, and thus have the assets always connected.


A plug and play PaaS solution for IoT connectivity

Category: satellite connectivity, iot connectivity


GorillaLink is a plug & play PaaS solution that enables connectivity of smart devices across multiple satellite networks providing 100% global coverage. Find out more about how IoT is used for smart grid visibility, assuring high reliability (99.9% uptime), why satellite & IoT are fundamental for the oil & gas industries, and why satellite connectivity is essential for the automotive industry.

Check other information about plug and play in manufacturing and industrial plants.

Powerful visualizations for the industry, using 3D, AR, and VR

Category: smart grid/automotive/predictive maintenance for aviation

Creative Data Studio

Creative Data Studio is the brainchild of Bastiaan Grisèl, a data scientist whose goal is simple: make data accessible, understandable, and enjoyable. The startup turns complex data into powerful visualizations, using 3D, AR, VR for digital twins, and immersive installations. The team already worked with some big companies, showcasing three cases studies for smart grid visualization, immersive supply chain visualization for Volkswagen, and digital twin for KLM maintenance.

What other industrial iot startups would you add to this list?


This article was written by Carolina Rudinschi, Ph.D., co-founder of IIoT World & the IIoT World Days Series organizer. 

The call for speakers are open now for Digital Manufacturing Day (Dec 8, 2021), Smart Cities Day (March 10, 2022) and Energy Day (June 9, 2022). Apply as a speaker/sponsor or register at no cost as an attendee. 

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