24 interesting Startups focused on Industry 4.0 to watch out at the Web Summit

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24 interesting Startups focused on Industry 4.0 to watch out at the Web Summit

ALPHA 2018 has sold out. ALPHA is a program run by Web Summit organizers and aims to spotlight the early stage startups engineering the future, connecting them to the world’s most influential companies at Web Summit. In this article, I’ve listed a few startups that caught my attention as they develop solutions in one of the following areas: IIoT/Industry 4.0, Predictive Maintenance, Next Generation Analytics for industrial players, smart cities, self-driving car. Some of them are part of the ALPHA 2018; others are more advanced.

AI for the Industry 4.0: Startups


AI for Industrial Enterprises. It helps companies turn their unstructured documents into knowledge they can use to transform their business. The AI startup can build a search and exploration tool that allows engineers to quickly find documents related to the question they’re working on. AIRBUS is one of the startup’s clients. l




Ascent Robotics

It is a Tokyo-based Robotics / AI startup developing intelligent autonomous vehicles and next-generation industrial robotics solution.
Ascent was founded in Tokyo in 2016 and work with some of the most interesting companies in the world, according to their website, which I recommend to visit. Would love to find out more about Ascent Robotics’ projects during the Web Summit.

Drones for Work

It is a Dutch startup that creates a control system which is much more stable and reliable than the current generation of control systems for drones. Providing such a control system opens up a whole new range of possible applications for drone users. Unfortunately, there is not too much information and details about the startup’s product on the website. Would be interesting to find out more.


Using AI, it integrates with the existing industrial data storage product and then pre-process and combine data to identify patterns and correlations. According to the Intelecy website, the products the startup provides can reduce implementation time and cost up to 90%. The good news is that the IIoT startup is seeking additional pilot customers who will help shape the next revolution in manufacturing. Intelecy’s products are designed for all the verticals in the process and manufacturing industry.


It is an intelligent maintenance platform that optimizes the production of renewable energy assets. Through a SaaS platform, Delfos provides owners and operators failure prediction alerts and actionable insights.

IIoT/Industry 4.0 Business Platforms


Emitu is a startup that offers Industrial Internet of Things solutions that combine real-time data from assets, enterprise systems, and workforce to increase operational efficiency. Would like to find out more about Emitu’s solution and use cases and see how this Industry 4.0 startup will evolve in the upcoming months as looking at the information provided on the website (very little) it seems to be at the beginning of their journey.


Uno is an industrial platform that digitizes plants and enables industrial players to visualize their 3D assets, allowing them to plan and monitor their plants’ activities easier and faster. This is another project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Analytics and Predictive Maintenance: IIoT Startups

IIoT asset condition monitoring solutions for electrical motors and power transformers

Enging bets on the latest technologies to offer solutions that protect industrial assets and monitors the condition of the equipment, as well as the safety of facilities and people.

With an R&D department specializing in fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance techniques in electromechanical systems, Enging develops products to monitor electrical motors and power transformers.

I am glad to see that some of the funds come from the European Union.

Remotely monitoring for the farming sector

FarmCloud collects real-time data from pig & poultry farms, delivering understandable business sustainability information. FarmCloud delivers a Single Cloud Platform with full access to compatible Climate and Feeding Controllers from different Manufacturers, allowing for constant production benchmarking.

After being listed as 1 of the 7 Portuguese Startups to look for in 2017 by EU-Startups.com, FarmCloud as be designated by Public as one of Lisbon’s top GovTech startups.

Predictive Maintenance for Wind Energy and Aeronautics

Alpha-I is the predictive maintenance platform for Wind Energy and Aeronautics. According to Alpha-I’s website, the platform helps to reduce downtime by 30-50%, to reduce maintenance costs by 10-40% and to extend turbine life by 3-5%. At this moment, the startup is running a pilot so that the farm operators can test Alpha-i solution for up to 12 weeks. For those who are interested in Aeronautics, the startup published a case study “Detecting Anomalies in Aircraft Sensor Data” that can be accessed here.

Machine Learning and Analytics for Aviation and Oil & Gas industries

White Whale Analytics provides insights into diagnosing and predicting maintenance events in the aviation industry. These insights can then be referenced back with the OEM for further analysis and possible application. The result is making air travel not only more efficient but also safer. The startup also builds digital twins of oil & gas assets and within
minutes can simulate tens of thousands of potential scenarios. By selecting the optimal outcomes, the platform can optimize production and increase safety across an entire field.

The startup provides an All-in-one machine deep learning and analytics platform.

Analytics for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Beverages industry

INNITI is a startup based in Denmark that works in the field of technology and Internet of Things (IoT) developing a combined hardware and software solution that supports researchers performing chemical synthesis. Their solution is for chemical engineers performing R&D work in the chemical, pharmaceutical and beverages industry.

Inniti offers a modular IoT solution and data analytics for rapid prototyping of chemical synthesis, flexible and reconfigurable system for automating new chemical synthesis products and production upscale.

Analytics for vessels

DeepSee offers a cloud monitoring tool that utilizes Deep Learning algorithms. Its purpose is to monitor all key machinery and hull around the clock. The tool detects charter party breaches, optimizes trim, track fuel consumption, diagnoses anomalies with AI, inspect individual components, help to keep track of ship alarms and track the fleet. More about a few methods to increase tool life.

Smart: Cities, Agriculture, Grids and Industry 4.0

Skysens is a technology company strongly focused on low power, long range wireless IoT applications. It designs, implements and manufactures its hardware and software and works with many partners around the world. It has offices in Istanbul and Izmir with a main focus on core technology and related applications. It has been seed invested in November 2017

Skysens Technology is a wireless networking technology to control and monitor various actions on different verticals such as Smart Cities, Agriculture, Smart Grids and Industry 4.0.

IIoT wireless communication

Source: skysens.io website

AGRIW is a specialized technology development startup for agriculture. AGRIW created TOSCAN, a decision-making Virtual Assistant assured by an Artificial Intelligence system. It establishes a relationship between all the operators of an agricultural holding through an assisted prescription, simplifying and making the work more efficient. It suggests to the users the actions that must be carried out, such as field visits, observations, irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers application, tillage, harvest, or other types of cultural operations.

Compta Emerging Business is software and IoT solutions manufacturer working for the global market in the areas of Smart Cities, Energy Efficiency, Street Lighting, Urban Waste Collection, Green Spaces, Agriculture & Forests, and Cargo Logistics management.

iMAPARK is an on-street smart parking system that helps drivers find and PRE-RESERVE an available parking spot utilizing light signals – road studs – on the floor, electronic displays and mobile app. Each parking spot has a light signal, and a sensor sends information to the Gateway through the wireless network. The light signal – road stud – will be visible from the road even when a car is parked and will inform drivers about the occupancy status of the parking spot.

smart parking

Source: imapark.com website

WiTraC offers positioning, tracking and real-time communications for Automotive, Logistics, Rail and Aeronautical industries, Ford being one of the startup’s clients.

Shoof transforms Industrial IoT and the logistics market by turning all assets into smart assets through the wireless technology and collaborative network. Shoof connects and transports data from the assets to the cloud in a reliable, secure, scalable and low-cost manner. Building upon advanced wireless technology with edge intelligence, the Shoof solution combines this low-cost infrastructure with flexible cloud data access and a simple subscription business model. More about self-driving cars algorithms.

Self-driving cars startup businesses

Kopernikus Automotive 

Developed a drive-by-wire kit that can be fitted to many modern production cars and will allow self-driving software to steer the car. The kit consists of hardware (computing and sensors) and the necessary operating software (middleware). Software developers can develop self-driving software running on this platform. The first release of the Kopernikus retrofit-kit is designed for Volkswagen MQB vehicles, aka as VW Golf, Tiguan, Passat, T-Roc, and many Audi, Skoda and Seat Vehicles. At this point, people can pre-order the drive-by-wire kit now which is exciting.


It is a startup committed to building a full driving software stack which is data-driven at every layer. Their approach enables a car to drive itself using only understanding of what it can see, like a human being. The startup believes that the system they develop can learn to drive in a new city with minimal new data or dense maps – bringing autonomous technology to the world. It seems like you can already ride the Wayne. 

self driving car wayve

Source: wayve.ai website

Startup Scouting using AI technology

INNOSPOT provides AI-based Startup Scouting for identifying relevant Startups. Typical variations are market or technology overviews or the identification of startups providing solutions for specific use cases.

A community that solves manufacturing challenges in an innovative way

Surcle is an online platform where engineers and innovators from all over the world come together. All the contributors are unified by a shared interest in competing to solve manufacturing and hardware challenges. On the platform, companies, governments, students, and professionals can all collaborate to build, refine, or innovate new solutions.

The Surcle community takes a spark of imagination and builds it into something tangible. Here are the challenges that are open right now for the engineers

The Agency of Things

NETNOW offers IoT solutions for the Industry, healthcare sector, agriculture and smart cities for B2B clients. Interesting to see how this concept will evolve and what type of customers are ready to work with a startup in their digital transformation journey.

What are the Industry 4.0 startups you would like to see at the Web Summit?

This article was written by Carolina Rudinschi, Ph.D., the co-founder of IIoT World.