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Worldwide global warming is a serious topic of worldwide significance which is the subject of planned US and other mitigating legislative initiatives. From that perspective, carbon capture and store technologies (CCS) becomes an increasingly important means of reducing carbon dioxide

In 2015, the Paris Agreement set the objective of reducing human-caused global warming ideally below 35.6ºF (2ºC increase), with a further ambition of staying below 34.7ºF (1.5ºC increase). To meet this goal, countries and corporations would have to employ "negative

Where and when should a utility trim vegetation near power lines to best reduce the risk of wildfires? When is the most cost-effective time to take a wind turbine out of service for general maintenance? How can customers be convinced

At the industrial and domestic scale, both direct and indirect emission constitutes the contaminated carbon particles that will ultimately lead to atmospheric pollution i.e. most commonly known as greenhouse gases (GHG’s). Direct emission is concerned with the fuel-burning byproducts that

The emerging blockchain technology will allow to improve the safety, transparency and trust among participants of the energy market giving a new solution for the grid stability problem. What Blockchain can do for Power Grids Today, more and more consumers are investing

Understanding carbon neutrality and the path to a global zero carbon recovery. Why are we on this journey to become carbon neutral? You might hear the term ‘carbon neutral’ from brands, organisations, companies, politicians. But what does becoming carbon neutral actually mean?

Low-cost satellite IoT will making agricultural water use more efficient and less environmentally harmful. While organizations around the world are waking up to their obligation to protect the environment, progress on future decarbonization, water quality and other green initiatives is slow

When power company executives were asked to list the most important issues facing their organizations, 45% overwhelmingly cited their top concern related to the future of energy as “renewables, sustainability or the environment.” At the same time, global energy consumption

UrsaLeo CEO John Burton to showcase 3D digital twin technology and management at the Active Building Centre’s COP26 fringe event taking place at its Gloucestershire research facility on October 21st, 2021.  UrsaLeo, a venture funded San Francisco-based startup, today announced a