Startups at Web Summit 2021 focused on clean energy & decarbonization

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clean tech startups at web summit 2021

Startups at Web Summit 2021 focused on clean energy & decarbonization

These are just some of the startups we spotted at Web Summit this year, focused on clean energy and renewable energy.

All-in-One Platform for Renewable Energy

Category: digital transformation, predictive & prescriptive maintenance for energy, smart cities


ANNEA is a condition-based predictive and prescriptive maintenance platform for renewable energy. It essentially creates digital twins of each component of your machines through artificial intelligence, physical modeling, and normal behavior modeling.


Clean Energy Transition using Digital transformation

Category: clean tech for energy, smart cities


Emax is a green tech company empowering consumers to actively participate in the clean energy transition. The startup’s mission is to strengthen consumer engagement on low carbon, clean and green initiatives.


Modular wind energy systems for a greener industry of the future

Category: Renewable energy, smart cities, clean energy for the industry


Wind power is by no means limited to large, rural megawatt turbines. It offers enormous potential for decentralized energy supply in urban areas and the industry of tomorrow.

MOWEA has developed a modular wind energy system based on the Lego principle, enabling demand-oriented and cost-effective energy generation. The system also includes IoT features for future intelligent applications. The use of hybrid power generation (wind power and photovoltaics) can make a significant contribution to a greener industry of the future.


Creating solar energy efficiency

Category: solar energy, IoT, clean energy, renewable energy, Ai, digital twin


For solar energy producers they lack online monitoring per solar panel and can’t achieve total efficiency of solar farm higher than 75%. With Neuralsolar’s prototype that issue can be solved. Creating efficiency.


IoT Mesh-Grid Technology to bring power to the most remote underserved communities

Category: clean energy, IoT Mesh-Grid technology

Okra Solar

Okra’s vision is to enable the ~1.1 billion people throughout the world who still don’t have reliable access to power to live safe and productive lifestyles through clean, affordable, and reliable access to electricity.


The world’s first direct plasmonic solar cell, with applications in self-powered dynamic windows

Peafowl Solar Power

Category: IoT, sensors, clean energy, solar power

Peafowl Solar Power is a tech start-up based in Uppsala, Sweden. The company was founded 3 years ago to commercialize the world’s first direct plasmonic solar cell, with applications in self-powered dynamic windows and integrated power supply for smart sensors and devices for the internet of things (IoT). The transparent solar cells bring new, beautiful and sustainable possibilities to digitalize.


Energy as a Service

Category: smart cities, e-Mobility, energy, clean tech


This startup offers portable solutions using batteries for power supply. F&F solution adapts and grows with the customer’s needs, using electrical energy storage systems (ESS), allowing customers to accumulate and consume energy adapting to the changing conditions, achieving maximum efficiency and energy independence according to the regulation.


A solar tricycle for the last-mile delivery

Category: solar energy, future e-mobility, clean tech

Infinite Mobility

Infinite Mobility is a developing light-weight tricycles powered by solar energy for urban mobility. The startup’s Solar TukTuk is designed for purpose with a minimal space footprint, urban adapted, quite & safer. This makes it ideal for Last-Mile Delivery and Urban Mobility. Solar PV cells integrated into the body transforms the hassle of being stuck in traffic to an opportunity to freely charge the batteries.


Smart Energy Management

Category: smart energy, digital transformation, AI, IIoT


Wattnow is a smart energy management solution designed to help companies take control of their energy using AI powered IoT solution.


HVAC Energy Management as a service

Category: smart buildings, HVAC energy management


Parity adds intelligence to Building Automation Systems that have changed very little over the last 75 years. With over 100 buildings under contract, this startup developed a reputation for delivering a great service that will save thousands of dollars off the energy costs. In 2021, parity is going to save its customers $4,000,000 in HVAC energy costs. The startup’s technology can save a multi-family building up to 30% off the HVAC Energy costs.


A data tracking, management, and exploitation tool for smart electrical grids

Category: smart grid, data management


TRAKEN is a data tracking, management, and exploitation tool for smart electrical grids, that provides a distributed ledger to manage metering records, track physical objects and transfer value without a third party or manual reconciliation.


Decarbonizing concrete production

Category: decarbonization, climate change, clean tech

Carbon Limit

Carbon Limit’s proprietary nanotechnology attracts & mineralizes CO2 pollution from the air into the concrete and stores it permanently.


Turning CO₂ into rock

Category: decarbonization, climate change, clean tech


44.01 turns CO₂ into rock, contributing to lower concentrations of CO₂ in the atmosphere. Company’s vision is to have a positive global impact on the environment, people, and society. Startup’s mission is to make CO₂ mineralization accessible, feasible and scalable. 44.01 helps limit CO₂ concentrations in the atmosphere by permanently mineralizing CO₂ that:
1. Is already in the atmosphere – with that, we reduce actual atmospheric CO₂ concentrations, and
2. Is emitted by certain processes from hard to decarbonize sectors, and only that are considered residual emissions – this impedes the build-up of CO₂ in the atmosphere


A platform that measures asset-level Carbon Footprint

Category: decarbonization, climate change

Carbon Analytics

Carbon Analytics solves a crucial problem in reducing the impact of climate change by helping asset intensive companies with complex supply chains reduce their carbon footprint.
Startup’s chosen specialism is based on a unique carbon tracking, intelligence and offsetting platform for businesses involved in industrial decarbonization.


All-in-one carbon management software

Category: decarbonization, climate change, carbon management


Tapio is an all-in-one carbon management software allowing companies to contribute to carbon neutrality. By taking into account the whole stakeholder web, the startup focuses on companies’ Scope 3 emissions which represent more than 70% of total emissions for manufacturers (IOP Science) and up to 80% for consumer-good organizations (McKinsey).


A climate action advisory to minimize companies’ environmental impact

Category: consultancy, sustainability, climate change


Ecofye provides tailored sustainability solutions for companies. The startup offers sustainability assessment, carbon footprint, carbon offsetting, and certifications – a climate action advisory specializing in helping companies minimize their environmental impact and drive long-term competitive advantage.


A SaaS solution to build your sustainable 360°action plan  

Category: decarbonization, climate change, sustainability

Green Score

Footprint target is a concept developed by Green Score Capital. The startup provides a SaaS solution that assesses all your impacts and go from monitoring to action.


This article was written by Carolina Rudinschi, Ph.D., co-founder of IIoT World & the IIoT World Days Series organizer. Updated on Nov 3, 2021. 

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