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The World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement about Covid – 19 reaching pandemic levels triggered responses across the industrial world. In industrial manufacturing, shop floor activity hit its lowest levels since the Second World War and in many cases manufacturing facilities

Predictive Maintenance allows you to offer new services to customers, where you use realtime data and insights from your deployed base of units to distance yourself from the competition and create enhanced customer value. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is the ability to

The number of possible applications of IIoT grows every day, and this trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon. The latest numbers estimate that the combined IoT markets will reach a staggering $520B by 2021. An industry that is definitely being

An issue in manufacturing that is singular to machine builders is the speed with which they can respond with service to the machines, in the case of a failure. In the past, this has usually meant an actual failure has

The first step in adopting Industrial IoT is Machine Monitoring Industrial IoT is the wave of the future for manufacturing. Why? Because the goal in any plant or on any factory floor is to reduce costs to improve profitability without compromising quality

A growing number of manufacturers, particularly those with large global footprints and complicated supply chains, have realized the power of predictive analytics. However, many are not taking advantage of this technology for larger, strategic decisions. Some manufacturers are using predictive analytics

MachineMetrics, which equips factories with the digital tools needed to increase productivity and win more business, announced this week it has raised $11.3 million in Series A financing. Tola Capital led the round with participation from existing investors Hyperplane Venture Capital, Long

For most manufacturers, downtime is the single largest source of lost production time. What is Downtime in Manufacturing? Downtime in manufacturing is any period of time when a machine is not in production (quite literally, down). Downtime can be categorized to help

What if you could stop a machine before a catastrophic failure? What if you could detect a bearing wearing faster than expected, before it was scheduled for maintenance and before it causes downtime? What if you could diagnose and resolve