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Smart Factory Case Studies

This summary contains three Smart Factory success stories in IoT manufacturing, from the Semiconductor, Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering industries.  They describe how Trend Micro expertise and solutions addressed a variety of business challenges, including security solutions for cloud infrastructures, connected threat defense and the need for vendor support, visibility across the IT environment and keeping IoT environments in connected factories secure.

Smart Factory Case Study 1:

CEITEC S.A. – Connected threat defense for greater visibility and real-time protection

Founded in 2008, CEITEC S.A. (National Center for Advanced Electronics Technology) is a Brazilian public company linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). CEITEC develops solutions for automatic identification (RFID and smartcards) and designs, manufactures, and sells application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) aimed at identifying animals, medications, blood products, people and vehicles. Based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, CEITEC performs a strategic role in the Brazilian microelectronics industry.

As one of a few companies in the world certified to manufacture RFID chips for passports, maintaining the highest level of IT security is paramount for CEITEC. The company’s passport chip recently received Common Criteria Certification after rigorous assessment of CEITEC’s protection against cyberattacks. “Security is at the heart of everything we do. Our customers have to trust that we can protect their identification. We simply can’t afford to blemish our reputation,” said Ireneo Demanarig, Chief Information Officer, CEITEC S.A.

To gain the needed visibility across its IT environment, CEITEC conducted proof of concepts (PoCs) with several leading vendors.  Learn why they selected Trend Micro in this success story.

Smart Factory Case Study 2:

Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation –  Comprehensive protection for Industrial IoT platform

Yokogawa Solution Service provides consulting, systems integration maintenance and management information systems engineering. Established in 2013 as part of the Yokogawa Group, the company maintains, repairs, and constructs measurement and control equipment and devices, aerospace equipment, ships, cars, computers and data processing equipment, medical and office equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and other systems.

One of the pillars of the Yokogawa Group’s business structure is “process co- innovation.” Working with its customers, they co-create solutions that generate added value and accelerate business outcomes through innovations. In 2017, Yokogawa Solution Service unveiled GRANDSIGHT, a cloud-based value co-creation environment, with compact Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) wireless Sushi Sensors that gather a variety of data, such as vibration and temperature, and store it in GRANDSIGHT. “By providing Sushi Sensors together with GRANDSIGHT, we support our customers’ use of IIoT while supporting their mission-critical systems,” said Tomohiro Sakita, General Manager at Yokogawa Solution Service.

When Yokogawa began exploring the top security solutions for cloud infrastructures,
it discovered Trend Micro’s Deep Security as a Service had a proven track record of running on Google Cloud Platform. “When we asked IT departments at other companies in the Yokogawa Group, they told us Deep Security as a Service had a strong track record of use in the cloud and they recommended it,” said Tateno.  Learn about the business benefits Trend Micro was able to provide in this success story.

Smart Factory Case Study 3:

Alps Electric Co., Ltd. – Security improvement to create a connected, smart factory with IoT

Alps Electric Co., Ltd. develops and offers small, low-profile, lightweight, and robust electronic products featuring high-quality essential functions, while also mindful of energy and resource conservation. Many electronics manufacturers across the globe use Alps Electric’s sensors, switches, and data communication modules which incorporate the company’s philosophy of “Perfecting the Art of Electronics.”

In recent years, many manufacturers have turned to the Internet of Things (IoT) for business innovation. Alps Electric is among the companies creating a vision for “connected factories” in which a variety of production equipment, systems, devices, and even factories themselves are networked. “IoT can be useful in monitoring and analyzing the running status of equipment to detect faults and improve productivity and quality. Furthermore, providing precise information to customers by comprehensive traceability which ties production, logistics, and sales together can also increase the level of trust those customers have in our products,” said Hiroyuki Jinbo, Nagaoka Manufacturing Dept., Alps Electric.

Learn how Trend Micro’s Portable Security 2 solution helped Alps Electric improve their factory security through virus scanning and removal on control terminals, among other benefits.

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