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The adoption of open source code has increased exponentially over the past decade, with a large percentage of commercial software now containing it. Developers are constantly sharing common features and code functionality across the internet and globe. The speed and demand placed

This latest ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline is another call to action for all organizations to increase their cybersecurity efforts, harden their networks against attacks, and improve visibility to malicious actors in your network. Ransomware attacks have gone through many iterations

The recent signing of the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity has spurred much discussion among the industry.  IIoT World asked for input from leading cybersecurity experts and organizations regarding the EO, and we’re sharing the discussion with our

Cybersecurity has financial benefits, offers product differentiation, and smooths out the patching processes both for product manufacturers and their customers. The importance of cyber defense will go up over time. Cyber defense and security for embedded systems is justified using

For factories and manufacturers, the need for cybersecurity is urgent. This is due to the concerns arising from operation stoppages caused by security incidents, resulting in loss of revenue. Unlike enterprise IT, system administrators face several issues within smart factory

While global manufacturing companies are implementing digital transformation to survive and grow, cybersecurity threats have become a top concern. In industrial cybersecurity, the convergence of IT and OT has been an important issue for long time. There were inconsistencies in technology

All critical infrastructure is under cyber attack, all the time. The attack on the Oldsmar, FL water supply is a good example. And it’s getting worse; vulnerability to cyber attack is increasing as the embedded devices controlling these critical infrastructures become

Last month, a major water utilities firm in the UK revealed plans to move a significant part of their SCADA system to the cloud. This is one of the most high-profile transitions of OT to managed cloud services to date. Though moving Industrial

In its recent Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) research note, Gartner identified memory exploit protection as an essential component of any organization’s CWP strategy (Gartner, Cloud Workload Protection Platforms, 2020):  “Exploit Prevention/Memory Protection–application control solutions are fallible and must be combined with