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Cybersecurity for Cloud Migration

Cybersecurity is Job Zero

It’s everyone’s job to ensure they are working to help secure the organization – from the frontline workers to the back-of-the-shop employees – being mindful and active in the infosec program can make or break a company.

The conversation started with what exactly infosec teams should do, are doing, and want to get done. They were able to define some needed roles across organizations, identifying that security needs to be a core function, across all lines of service within an organization, and how the people leading it need to have teeth.

Beyond this, they defined security as an on-going process – it’s never perfect but as Merritt, “Embrace the imperfections to create and improve.” Take an evolutionary view of the way your organization will weave infosec into the daily operations of its employees. It takes time and a program to make infosec the forefront of your workforce, and the program will need to adapt.

Implementation Models & Frameworks

How does your organization go about implementing this though? The good news is AWS and other cloud providers have frameworks and standards for you to follow. Shared Responsibility models, and Well-Architected frameworks can help you build the technology component of this plan. Assuredly you’ll have to build the non-technical “program” – but each business will want unique controls surrounding their operations. Either way, best to start now in order to weave infosec into your daily operations.

Inevitably, the discussion centered around cloud migrations, because as companies modernize, or undergo a digital transformation, cloud becomes a mandatory component. Here’s where the discussion with Merritt’s foundation from her customer portfolio came into view – all of the discussions she’s having with companies today involve a migration, or cloud-native strategy. With this being the case, how does an enterprise migrate?

Watch the interview from Trend Micro to learn how to build a cloud migration strategy that keeps cybersecurity in mind.


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Aaron AnsariThis article was written by Aaron Ansari VP, Cloud Security at Trend Micro.



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