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Virtualization, which in recent years has taken increasingly important steps, has become the model of integration and management of systems with the most promising evolution. Virtualization also means rationalizing the use of a network, of a data storage resource, of

Making a factory smart means taking advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – technologies that collect and centralize mass amounts of machine data gathered from industrial environments and create value from that data. Solutions built on IIoT platforms collect, aggregate, analyze, and

This summary contains three Smart Factory success stories in IoT manufacturing, from the Semiconductor, Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering industries.  They describe how Trend Micro expertise and solutions addressed a variety of business challenges, including security solutions for cloud infrastructures, connected

Trend Micro just published the results of a six-month honeypot imitating an industrial factory. The highly sophisticated Operational Technology (OT) honeypot attracted fraud and financially motivated exploits. The six-month investigation revealed that unsecured industrial environments are primarily victims of common threats.

“Digital transformation” and “smart factory” are the terms that have been around for a while, but only advanced manufacturers apply them to practice. The idea of machine to machine communication has raised the initial excitement and high hopes but now

A study by the American Association for Quality found that businesses shifting to digital processes and Industrial IoT have seen as high as 82% increase in efficiency accompanied with 49% less defects! Production on the shop floor is the most obvious place to start when looking

Making the most of legacy equipment According to the Annual Manufacturing Report, 2018, four in five manufacturers believe that smart factory technologies will improve their supply chain relationships. The proposed benefits of data collection from smart sensors are huge, but some

Smart factories are manifestations of how the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is changing traditional manufacturing. Organizations in the manufacturing sector already have a basic understanding of what smart factories are as well as their capabilities and the advantages and challenges of building

Building smart factories is a substantial endeavor for organizations. The initial steps involve understanding what makes them unique and what new advantages they offer. However, a realistic view of smart factories also involves acknowledging the risks and threats that may arise in its converged