How to transition to a Smart Factory with Siemens and AWS

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How to transition to a Smart Factory with Siemens and AWS

Making a factory smart means taking advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – technologies that collect and centralize mass amounts of machine data gathered from industrial environments and create value from that data. Solutions built on IIoT platforms collect, aggregate, analyze, and provide insight to enable you to quickly act on the data to boost operational efficiency and production, improve quality and quicken time to market with real-time performance and production feedback.

Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to optimize profits and efficiencies while simultaneously reducing costs – a daunting challenge. On top of that, they also face significant demand to accelerate value realization even amongst disruptive challenges:

  • Aging infrastructure can create high maintenance costs, lost productivity, and wasted resources
  • Maintaining assets without the necessary data insights is reactive and often results in unplanned downtime
  • Customers expect tailored products that meets their needs – mass customization being the norm
  • Smaller, disruptive organizations are creating a tipping point in the market that is driving entirely new business models

Overcoming these challenges and remaining competitive in an increasingly connected world is what a Smart Factory enables. A Smart Factory is one where manufacturers are using digital technologies to transform their business operations to improve profitability for the entire organization. It uses a never-ending stream of integrated data gathered from system-wide assets, analyzes that data, automatically optimizes factory operations, and empowers humans to make better decisions faster. It helps organizations learn, adapt, and meet market and customer demands. We have previously presented some smart factory case studies here.

This eBook explores IIoT and cloud technologies to create a Smart Factory for new insights to optimize processes and productivity, sharpen competitive advantage, and respond to market changes that deliver value.


  • Industry 4.0 makes Smart Factory a reality
  • How to transition to a Smart Factory with Siemens and AWS
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  • Smart Factories solve disruptive challenges
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This white paper was written by Siemens in partnership with AWS. It is sponsored by Siemens. More resources on IIoT – here.