eBook: Manufacturing Cybersecurity Case Studies

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eBook: Manufacturing Cybersecurity Case Studies

For factories and manufacturers, the need for cybersecurity is urgent. This is due to the concerns arising from operation stoppages caused by security incidents, resulting in loss of revenue. Unlike enterprise IT, system administrators face several issues within smart factory security, namely with difficult-to-eliminate vulnerabilities, the spread of malware, and flat network configurations. Furthermore, when implementing countermeasures, problems within the operating environment (i.e. prohibited software installation), makes it difficult to resolve these issues. In smart factories, IT is actively used in OT (industrial control system) environments and network connections are expanding. In such a complicated environment, it is important to utilize security that combines technology optimized for OT and IT.

OT/Shop Floor Cybersecurity

One of the biggest differences between an IT environment, and OT, such as a shop floor, is that availability is prioritized over confidentiality. Therefore the security patch cannot be applied because it is not permitted to make changes to the terminal due to unavailability of legacy patches. In addition, flat networks can easily lead to lateral infections once malware enters. The challenge is to improve the security level without modifying the existing network environment as much as possible, and to standardize and protect factory bases across regions.

Industrial Products

Industrial control systems, such as SCADA, are no longer threat-free because they are included on general-purposed OS and network connections. It must be shipped as a “safe product” and kept secure in the customer’s environment for long periods of time. Although services that build and operate industrial control systems require experts who understand IT security and have a knowledge and OT systems, it is recommended that a partner should have both knowledge and the ability to recognize security according to the customer’s business process.

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