White Paper: The State of Industrial Cybersecurity

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White Paper: The State of Industrial Cybersecurity

While global manufacturing companies are implementing digital transformation to survive and grow, cybersecurity threats have become a top concern.

In industrial cybersecurity, the convergence of IT and OT has been an important issue for long time. There were inconsistencies in technology and environment, and also in people and processes. This survey provides insight into the importance of bridging IT and OT by comparing the benefits of each. Furthermore, as manufacturing companies play a part in the global supply chain, the focus is on differences found between three countries: The United States, Germany, and Japan.

Manufacturing Cybersecurity Measures: Still in Development

Manufacturers are rushing to introduce technical cybersecurity measures in the factory, but are still in the development process. The key to moving forward is involving both IT and OT in the decision-making process.

The next steps are asset visibility, identifying the risks, and setting the goals

Factory cybersecurity is in the developing phase. Cyber incidents have not been rare, and many companies are making progress in both organizational and technical approaches and most of them aware the risks attached.

As factory cybersecurity evolves in the next few years, this survey shows that it is difficult to select appropriate technical measures. This means that the manufacturing industry requires urgent and effective action to address cybersecurity risks. They are aware that cybersecurity should be implemented in and they are actively working towards it. There is little difference in awareness of technology issues between IT and OT, but in terms of processes, more OT teams have issues with asset visualization, risk identification, and goal setting. After assessing the current situation and setting appropriate goals for their own factory, we will be able to implement technical measures in the right place at the right time.

Download the White Paper from Trend Micro to learn tips and best practices on how to further advance the state of industrial cybersecurity.