Top ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity start-ups to watch for in 2017

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Top ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity start-ups to watch for in 2017

The New Industrial Internet of Things & Cybersecurity startups are popping up daily and it is easy to understand why. Who would not want to be part of the next big sensation and secure or take their piece of the IoT pie, which some market research companies estimate to far exceed $6 trillion in less than 10 years?

After analyzing through the options, IIoT World’s Co-Founder and Managing Editor found some Industrial Controls Systems /SCADA Cybersecurity startups you should know about. Here they are, listed in alphabetical order.

Claroty – a platform that enables customers to enjoy the substantial benefits of increasingly networked control systems without compromising operational resiliency or the security of core assets. It provides extreme visibility into the widest range of Industrial Controls Systems (ICS), SCADA and other control system devices, protocols and networks using

CyberX provides industrial cybersecurity platform for continuous, non-invasive risk assessment and M2M anomaly detection. Their purpose-built platform enables organizations to detect and respond faster to risk in their industrial networks. The platform is recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor”. CyberX was selected for the SINET16 Innovator Award sponsored by the US DHS and DoD.

Indegy provides security for industrial control systems used across critical infrastructures, including energy, water utilities, petrochemical plants, manufacturing facilities

NexDefense empowers industrial control system operators with the real-time knowledge needed to maintain system integrity and combat sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Through Integrity, a patent-pending industrial network monitoring and anomaly detection system, control system engineers, operators, and security practitioners can gain valuable insight into networking events and activities that can negatively affect vital process and manufacturing systems.

Nextnine is a provider of top-down OT security management solutions for complex multi-vendor ICS environments. Empowering industrial organizations to benefit from integrated OT/IT operations while minimizing security vulnerabilities, Nextnine’s ICS Shield is a field-proven solution for protecting multi-site remote field assets from a single security and operations center.

Nozomi Networks has been delivering cybersecurity and operational visibility solutions for industrial control systems (ICS) since 2013. The company was founded by Andrea Carcano, an authority in industrial network security and Moreno Carullo, an expert in artificial intelligence. By applying network behavioral analytics to ICS environments, Nozomi Networks’ flagship product, SCADAguardian, delivers real-time visibility into process network communications and configurations. Its ICS network mapping and automated process analysis detects cyber-attacks for SCADA and ICS systems and operational missteps for immediate remediation.

SecurityMaters provides cybersecurity and operational resilience solutions to its worldwide customers and partners. Based upon more than 20 years of research and experience in the field of network intrusion detection SecurityMaters developed a completely new approach to secure ICS/SCADA networks, called self-configuring deep protocol behavioral inspection and detection.

Sentryo Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) CyberVision is a two tier monitoring platform made up of sensors and central data visualization and analytics software. It enables organisations to perform OT monitoring: asset tracking, control system integrity and cybersecurity. ICS CyberVision provides full situational awareness, advanced anomaly detection and incident response core capabilities.

Veracity Industrial Networks is a developer of next-generation Operational Technology (OT) network cybersecurity for the industrial internet that is poised to reduce cyberattacks against industrial and utility networks.

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