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Virtually everyone owns a mobile phone. In some countries mobile penetration is over 120%, however, that market saturation does not leave mobile operators with many new revenue opportunities aside from trying to upsell existing customers on plans for their wearables

Thank you for your active participation in Analytics at the Edge Virtual Conference. As promised, here are the answers to the questions we did not get to during the LIVE event we hosted on November 16, 2022. Q1. Why do you

Business resilience has been top priority for enterprises as they aim to revive and grow their businesses in a post-pandemic era. Digitization of their existing supply chain is the first step in achieving this goal, and Internet of Things (loT)

The time is upon us. Gigabit Ethernet and TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) is available, and a range of products are on the market. So, what are the new benefits? Let’s talk about the greatest current trend, Digital Transformation and IoT. It’s

Earlier this year, a colleague of mine and I were on our way to the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona. Although we made our connecting flights, a couple of minutes after deplaning, we received emails and texts from the airline informing

Overview: You may have come across the term smart grid while reading about sustainable power generation. These smarter variants of electrical grids can help optimize electrical usage and reduce bills for consumers with innovative networking capabilities. This blog explains everything

With the passing of each day, the term “the Internet of Things” and its acronym, IoT, are becoming more and more prevalent in the vernacular of technology and non-technology professionals. Although the term was coined in 1999, its definition is

Companies are often looking for continuous changes to their business models that increasingly match the rapid evolution of technology. On balance, only a handful of organizations are and will be able to meet this need. One enabling technology for this development

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is like the advent of the Internet all over again. From the perspective of new business models and process transformation, IoT applications are perhaps even greater than what the Information Superhighway brought