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The concept of digital twins has been around since the 1970s, but more recently we’ve started to see rapid adoption of the technology in a number of scenarios. With organizations in energy, transport, manufacturing, medicine and others creating digital twins

Up until recently, there have been two options for handling data on the edge: 1. Send raw data to the cloud where it can be stored and analyzed; or 2. Discard the data. Sending all the raw data to cloud

Azure is widely considered to be one of the top 2 cloud platforms, along with AWS. Azure is also considered the top cloud platform for IoT applications. HiveMQ and IIoT World ran a survey that showed for companies implementing IIoT

IIoT practices are having an impact, but Developers struggle to scale successful AI/ML projects. WHY? Data management is many times the culprit. Industrial OT and Business IT are not the same. For example: Business data is delivered in batches or transaction

The fourth industrial revolution is making manufacturing faster, smarter and leaner. Known as Industry 4.0, this wave sweeping across factory floors takes automation to the next level. Using the Industrial Internet of Things, manufacturers can connect the physical world with

With each passing day, the Internet of Things is becoming more and more prevalent – at the office, in the laboratory, on the production line, etc. IoT technology is not only improving the way things are done now, it is

In this two-part series, we look into various cybersecurity threats that affected industrial control systems endpoints. We also discuss several insights and recommendations to mitigate such threats. The ever-changing technological landscape has made it possible for the business process on the

The IoT world is a big world that everybody is talking about. IoT products nowadays come in different forms — some are labelled as IoT, but in fact they represent only a small portion of what an IoT product really

Virtualization, which in recent years has taken increasingly important steps, has become the model of integration and management of systems with the most promising evolution. Virtualization also means rationalizing the use of a network, of a data storage resource, of