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Overview: You may have come across the term smart grid while reading about sustainable power generation. These smarter variants of electrical grids can help optimize electrical usage and reduce bills for consumers with innovative networking capabilities. This blog explains everything

With the passing of each day, the term “the Internet of Things” and its acronym, IoT, are becoming more and more prevalent in the vernacular of technology and non-technology professionals. Although the term was coined in 1999, its definition is

Companies are often looking for continuous changes to their business models that increasingly match the rapid evolution of technology. On balance, only a handful of organizations are and will be able to meet this need. One enabling technology for this development

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is like the advent of the Internet all over again. From the perspective of new business models and process transformation, IoT applications are perhaps even greater than what the Information Superhighway brought

Many IoT applications begin with a small number of connected devices and then grow over time to a substantial number of devices. Therefore, it is important for organizations to understand how their IoT infrastructure will scale to handle an increase

The term ‘metaverse’ first came to my notice when Facebook changed their name to ‘Meta.’ This led to a fair amount of ridicule when Facebook released some very flat-footed promotional videos, and it prompted a lot of “eye rolling” here

We often hear the term “Digital Twin” in the context of the Industrial Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, or just going digital—and no this is not about Avatars! Most often we think about Digital Twin for machinery failure prevention, but

Thanks to advances in technology, materials, and manufacturing, IoT devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated while form factors are becoming smaller. And despite their shrinking size, next-generation devices will need to collect, transmit and even make decisions based on a growing

In countless applications that track live systems, real-time analytics play a key role in identifying problems and uncovering new opportunities. They enable data and operations managers to respond fast enough to make a difference in the moment. The need to