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Medium-sized companies are being increasingly challenged to figure out how their product portfolios or operations can become smarter with the help of the IoT technology. A growing number of connected devices produce trillions of gigabytes of data per day (at

The concept of digital twins has been around since the 1970s, but more recently we’ve started to see rapid adoption of the technology in a number of scenarios. With organizations in energy, transport, manufacturing, medicine and others creating digital twins

The Department of Energy reports that businesses, federal, state, and local governments own, operate, and use 93 billion square feet of U.S. real estate and account for 18 percent of U.S. primary energy use—more than all of Canada's energy consumption.

It’s time to plan around unplanned downtime. From mine sites in Siberia to sugarcane plantations in central Uganda, worksites rely on heavy machines to be the workhorses that drive productivity. For the most part, the machines work well. But there’s a lot

The Internet of things has been highly beneficial in the manufacturing industry. IoT enables manufacturers to scale up equipment capable of noticing and servicing, allowing the industries to estimate correctly how the equipment is being used. But which are the

Also known as Agriculture 4.0, smart agriculture is the application of information and data technologies to optimize complex agricultural systems involving individual machines and all agricultural operations. Smart agriculture incorporates information and communication technologies into machinery, equipment and sensors used in

UrsaLeo, a venture funded San Francisco-based startup, announced the launch of its Gemini Platform. Gemini is an immersive 3D platform that combines digital twin technology with real-time and historical data from IoT streams, document management, maintenance, and other enterprise systems.

Low-cost satellite IoT will making agricultural water use more efficient and less environmentally harmful. While organizations around the world are waking up to their obligation to protect the environment, progress on future decarbonization, water quality and other green initiatives is slow

Automation solutions are driving, or will shortly, F&B companies towards a digitalization of processes as formalized by the concept of Industry 4.0. The food industry, the second largest Italian manufacturing industry and an increasingly strong reference for Made in Italy. The attention