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Global Director, ERA-co

Steven Cornwell is the Global Director of ERA-co, currently living in NYC. Over the course of 20 years, Steven has garnered an international reputation for developing leading brands from a broad range of sectors including real estate, place, culture, consumer retail, media, transit & infrastructure, and professional services. ERA-co is a global place brand specializing in data science, research and insight, user strategy, urban systems, and brand experience.


Digitalization has brought about a radical shift in the world of urban planning. Thanks to the data now available, planners have evidence of user activity that allows them to transition from an “I think” position to an “I know” position.


Since the beginning of human settlement, our cities have served as epicenters of cultural and economic growth. The structure and purpose of cities, and our relationship to them, have always been in flux. With these shifts, approaches to urban development