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Vulnerability Management in OT or ICS cyber security is a challenge, but with an actionable strategy and existing IT/ OT cyber security tools, we can make a significant difference. What is OT/ICS vulnerability management? Vulnerability management in OT/ICS security is the process

Recently, the Russia-based hacking group REvil, attacked the Florida-based software company Kaseya Ltd. If you’re not familiar with Kaseya, they provide network and security management services for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), not unlike what SolarWinds offers for large businesses.

A SolarWinds-style cyberattack happened back in in 2013-14 that affected big government agencies and thousands of companies. What should we have learned from the Dragonfly/HAVEX attack? Software Infiltration A cyberattack group called Dragonfly attacked power plants and industrial sites, employing a very

All critical infrastructure is under cyber attack, all the time. The attack on the Oldsmar, FL water supply is a good example. And it’s getting worse; vulnerability to cyber attack is increasing as the embedded devices controlling these critical infrastructures become more

Looking back at a most unprecedented year, Trend Micro’s Annual cybersecurity Report surveys the most notable and crucial security concerns that emerged and persisted in 2020, and provides users and organizations with insights into how they can navigate a drastically changing threat

Most industrial organizations still consider their ICS networks to be safe from common cyber threats that mainly target IT networks. However, two recent cryptocurrency mining incidents demonstrate that  ICS networks are not "sterile" from unwanted software. Moreover, the fact that these cyber incidents

Renewable resources are good for the environment and reduce consumer costs but they are not a panacea to reducing electric grid cyber threats despite the prevailing view by many that renewable resources can reduce the cyber threat to electric utilities. I

Last week, the cyber security focus was on the four natural gas pipeline companies that had their electronic data interfaces, not control systems, hacked. However, from a control and safety system perspective, I believe the more important disclosure was the

US national security depends on the reliability and continuous operations of the nation’s critical infrastructure. The increasing complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems exposes them to cybersecurity threats which put their safety and reliability at risk. The National Institute of