Using Security Monitoring to Address Cybersecurity Threats

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Using Security Monitoring to Address Cybersecurity Threats

Joe Saunders, CEO of RunSafe Security, recently hosted a panel discussion on Monitoring Open Source Software in SAAS Infrastructure. His panel included business leaders in the software, technology, and security sectors:

  • Jonathan B Fishbeck, Founder and CEO of EstateSpace, LLC, a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that helps people reduce risk, retain property assets, and protect wealth succession.
  • Christine Ray, the Chief Information Security Officer at Unqork, a private company specializing in computer software.
  • Aaron Smith, Co-founder of Savi, a financial technology solution that works with partners and individuals looking to manage their student loan debt.

Cybersecurity Measures for Open Source Software

Open Source software is used to power the largest and most innovative SAAS companies. Learn how perceived risk can become a differentiator by incorporating runtime open source software protection and monitoring and how indicators of stability, reliability, and vulnerability at runtime can boost your security posture so you and your customers can sleep well.

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All panelists stressed the importance of security in their business model. Ray noted that customer interaction means that they’re collecting information and learning about their clients daily. Ensuring this interaction is private, confidential, and secure is their number one priority at Unqork.

According to Ray, everybody’s bringing code to the party, which is why it’s so important to have a multi-layered approach with good details, good tracking, and continuous searching. Find more about the best cybersecurity risk mitigation strategies.

Topics of the Panel Discussion:

  • How cybersecurity is important to top businesses, their customers, and their operations
  • Today’s reliance on open source software and its role in software infrastructure and architecture
  • Why monitoring software across SaaS infrastructure is important
  • How internal security operations teams, hunt teams, product security, or security analysts can assess software vulnerabilities
  • Best-practice compliance requirements around monitoring

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Watch the panel discussion to learn more.

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