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Automation solutions and virtual technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are completely changing the way organizations and manufacturers are now interacting with customers. Much of this shift is to drive more efficiencies and enhance the overall customer

Irrespective of industry or activity, when a human is performing a task, there is a possibility for error. There are numerous studies showing the impact of inadequate procedures towards human error, which led to severe incidents, significant downtime and overall

Producing clean water and treating wastewater is a complex industrial process involving lots of different types of assets, for example pumps, sediment tanks, treatment units etc. Adding to the complexity is the fact that that these [units/assets] are often distributed

This post is the second of a 3-part series. Check back in next week for the conclusion of this series. In the first part of this series - The key role of Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0 for Manufacturing: Part 1 -

We are in the midst of a massive change in manufacturing - and how well companies embrace and adapt to it is crucial to their future. Over the last several years, industrial companies have been undertaking a number of initiatives to

Contradictory to the common belief that technology necessary for Industry 4.0 is expensive, the Combine and Conquer report by Accenture found that combining technologies such as AR/VR, big data and machine learning can save large businesses an average of $

Manufacturers are busy either exploring or deploying AR, IoT sensors, and other smart engineering technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Rapid prototyping, married with augmented reality technologies, is starting to help manufacturing companies significantly reduce the time it takes to bring

In this fifth and final part of our five-part Augmented Reality for Transportation and Logistics series, we’ll look at the kinds of interaction technologies that can help make an AR implementation successful. We'll also explore the importance of getting and

This is the fourth installment of a five-part series covering the impact of Augmented Reality on the transportation and logistics industry. In the previous parts of this series, we looked at the critical business issues facing many parts of the Transportation and