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Before founding UrsaLeo, John spent 30 years in the semiconductor industry working with industrial customers across Europe, North America and Japan. Seeing the vast quantities of data being gathered in IIoT environments he got together with Angie Sticher (ex-Apple) to find ways to better visualize and use that data. Hence UrsaLeo.


How digital twins and metaverse further greenhouse gas reduction My last two pieces focused on two subjects that are receiving more and more attention every day. The Metaverse, which for many is synonymous with Facebook changing its name to Meta, and


Right now, many of us are already tired of hearing the words metaverse and industrial metavrerse. It's being tossed around like the words Internet and eCommerce were in the 1990s. Back then, many of us had no idea about the


The Department of Energy reports that businesses, federal, state, and local governments own, operate, and use 93 billion square feet of U.S. real estate and account for 18 percent of U.S. primary energy use—more than all of Canada's energy consumption.


An interview with John Burton, CEO of UrsaLeo, focused on how 3D digital twins and IIoT technologies are being used to decarbonize buildings. As governments around the world work on efforts to positively affect the negative impacts of climate change, the


As we move into 2021 and out of a crazy year that brought the challenges of a pandemic and economic disruption worldwide, many of us are no doubt ready for a new year. With sights on how technology will transform


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is quickly transforming the way we collect, analyze, and act on data from pieces of equipment and facilities across multiple industries.  Data collection data from machinery and the environment they exist in continues to evolve


UrsaLeo just announced the availability of four new demo models showcasing their 3D photorealistic digital twin capabilities. The stunning photorealistic visualizations allow anyone to test out the use of digital twin technology with the purchase of affordable sensors through