Retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency

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Retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency

Retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency

Buildings use 40% of the world’s energy and, on average, waste about 30% of that energy. The EU, Canada, over 20 US states and many other governments around the world have legislated that all buildings must be net zero by 2030. That means many older buildings will need to become smarter in the next few years. There are multiple steps to making an older building energy efficient.

Here’s our step by step guide:

1. Retrofit power sensors. UrsaLeo recently formed a partnership with Vutility, makers of the fastest and most cost effective way of adding power sensors to a building. The Vutility HotDrop uses patented technologies to wirelessly and harmonically power itself and measure energy usage by simply clasping around a wire, which means no external power sources or intrusive installation is required. The HotDrop is completely non-invasive and can sit maintenance-free within a circuit panel, with an installation time of less than a minute. This dramatically reduces the time and cost of adding power sensors to a building.

2. If CAD files do not exist for the building, have it LIDAR scanned. We can turn a scan into a digital twin in about two weeks and deliver it, combined with sensor data, through a web browser or on an iOS device.

3. Apply analytics to the power data. We have over 200 pre-defined analytical rules to identify problems. On average, buildings save 20-30% of their energy usage and cost once power analysis is applied. In addition, we identify other savings such as rebate schemes from local utilities and help generate the reports needed to claim those rebates. Most buildings will see an ROI on the retrofitting cost in less than a year.

4. Use the historical data to showcase energy savings to staff, investors and regulators. More than 80% of global corporations now have sustainability goals. improving building energy efficiency is one of the easiest ways to meet those goals.

If you’d like to see a demo or discuss building energy management, you can schedule a zoom call with the CEO of UrsaLeo, John Burton, here.

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