[White Paper] Strategic Investments to Secure Smart Manufacturers

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[White Paper] Strategic Investments to Secure Smart Manufacturers

Security is undergoing a digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. As the fusion of the cyber world and the physical world progresses, various security issues are mounting. Manufacturing executives must view security as a management issue, not as a system issue.

Is cybersecurity a cost or an investment?

Smart Manufacturers and the Convergence of IT & OT

This paper focuses on security issues in the convergence of IT and OT, and strategically invests in cybersecurity to show the path for the manufacturing industry to survive and grow with DX.  So why is cybersecurity so important?

1. Society and industry

The fusion of the physical and cyber will be the key point for society and industry. Society 5.0 is a new forward-looking culture that realizes both economic development and social issues through a system that fuses cyberspace (virtual) and physical space (IRL). In addition, Industry 4.0 is the current transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the latest in smart technology. The concept is to transform not only the inside of the factory but also the process related to the manufacturing industry through digitization. Since production activities are the source of the manufacturing industry, the implementation of a smart factory will be a key driver of the manufacturing business.

2. Technology and threat

The realization of a smart factory equipped with a cyber/physical system is the basis of Industry 4.0. The OT environment in a factory is becoming more open as it is connected to the internet and terminals with general- purpose OS, communicates with a general-purpose protocol, and collects data and analysis in the cloud. Once a threat enters a factory through one of these gateways, it will affect production activities, even if the threat is not aimed at the factory. New risks lie in this rapidly-changing environment.

3. Regulation and compliance

Government and industry groups around the world have warned of the risk of cyberattacks on ICS environments, which includes smart factories. Guidelines on information security have been popular among private companies over the years and have been developed and revised according to current societal, technological, and business trends. In recent years, ICS security guidelines are being developed and the industry is trending towards protecting the supply chain.

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