[Best Practices Guide] How To Thrive in the New World of Manufacturing

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[Best Practices Guide] How To Thrive in the New World of Manufacturing

Technology Is Disrupting Manufacturing, But It’s Also Offering New Opportunities for Workers and Companies To Thrive

Manufacturers today face significant challenges due to disruption from technology, generational change, worker retraining and international pressures. These challenges present manufacturers with more opportunities than ever before. For example, technology is helping to improve safety, reduce waste and increase production efficiency, while simultaneously coordinating, benchmarking and collaborating with internal departments, multiple factories and partners.

This best practice guide captures some of the learnings that Hitachi has gathered from manufacturing customers. With the help of solutions that leverage innovative technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), video insights and 3D lidar, these customers have become smarter. As one of the largest manufacturers in the world, we “drink our own champagne” at Hitachi by implementing these solutions in our own award-winning factories. This guide provides insights from the field to help manufacturers improve business, sustainability of operations, and well- being of workers.

Industry 4.0 Is an Opportunity To Transform to Smart Manufacturing

Technology disruptions, generational change in the workforce, worker retraining and international pressures that manufacturers face today present a great opportunity to begin the path to Industry 4.0. Manufacturers who are innovative today and evolve with digital transformation will thrive in the future.

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